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   Chapter 13 Closure

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We went back and found everyone playing volleyball by the swimming pool. I watched one of the girls tossed the ball to the guys on the opposite side, but none of them had hit back. A rich laugh came out from Damon at the sight of his friends that seemed to be on the losing team. I just loved seeing him like this... so carefree and so normal.

"Would you like to join them?"

He looked at me, still smiling. "How about you?"

"I'm fine. You should join them."

He brought my hand to his lips. "I know how this is new to you, but I want you to join us."

"You are right. This is new to me, and you already said that I'm not ready. I'm giving myself a little time."

He nodded, agreeing. "Of course, you'll feel that way. But I've never brought anyone here. Just you."

"That's good enough then."

"When I told you that I'm falling for you, I mean it. I want you to be part of this, " he said softly.

What he said struck me again. "Honestly, I just can't tell you that I feel the same. I feel like we are rushing things."

I was cut off by Damon's lips brushing my mouth. "I understand. That is one of the reasons why I like you. I don't expect you to feel the same. I know what you felt for my brother, and I'm giving you time to adjust. But please give me a chance to share all of this with you."

"That's why I'm here, Damon, " I reminded him. "And thank you for understanding."

"Then join me in the pool?"

I grinned. "Of course."

"Great. For now, let's just enjoy the water."

Damon pulled his shirt off, revealing his smooth, ripped bare chest and six-pack, then he slid his sport shorts down—leaving only a pair of dark blue swimming trunks. His eyes glued to mine as if tempting me to jump onto him. I could just watch him do this all day.

I crossed my arms. "You have to do that, huh?"

He chuckled at my remark, then he plunged into the water first and swam to the other side. I dove into the pool and followed him. He chuckled as he caught me with his arms and kissed my temple lightly. But the perfect moment was suddenly interrupted when one of the girls spoke to Damon.

"Damon! It's been a long time, " the red-ha

t want to talk right now. I'm still pissed at you. I'm hanging up."

"Hold on!" he pressed. "Please, just listen to what I'm going to say. You don't have to answer. One minute. It's all I ask."

I heaved out a sigh. "Spill it."

"I'm sure Damon already told you about us, about Demi, and it's true. It's all true. I cared for her because I felt responsible."

"I don't think I want to hear this."

"I'm sorry, okay?" he cut me off. "Demi left for good. She's not coming back, and she wanted to apologize for everything."

The news made my heart lift, but it didn't mean he wasn't wrong. "But that doesn't change the fact that you left with her that night."

"She's mentally ill, Nikki. What am I supposed to do?"

"You kissed her back! How about you explain that to me?"

He spoke after a few seconds of silence, "I'm sorry, Nikki."

"Damon told me everything, yes. I know that you cared for her. This was when I realized that we can't do this anymore, Louis. It's all messed up." Even this… even this situation I was in.

"I know. You can't continue this because I understand who you really like. It's Damon, isn't it?"

"Time's over. Bye, Louis." I hung up.

He wasn't all wrong. After all, I came all the way here with his fucked-up brother who had a wife he didn't tell me about. Now I wanted to get out of this place, and I didn't know how. It was all better when Damon was only my boss, and Louis was just a crush.

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