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   Chapter 10 The Right Choice

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A little while later, I went downstairs and sat on a barstool by the marble island in the kitchen while Damon poured milk into my glass. I picked up the sandwich and took a small, cautious bite, and chewed soundlessly. Damon settled on the chair in front of me and ate his food. Afraid that he might finish first, I nibbled a bigger bite.

What the hell was I doing? I felt like a robot. I put my sandwich down.

I still thought about what he meant earlier. I must've done something so embarrassing to him last night. However, he still wasn't kicking me out, so I guess it wasn't so severe. He even let me sleep in his penthouse for the first time and served me breakfast.

I decided to start a conversation.

"I'm sorry about last night. It was a mistake, I know, " I said, pretending I remembered what I did. "I wasn't in my right mind. I tend to get really crazy whenever I'm drunk."

He didn't answer.

"Well, what's crazier than getting fired from my first job in my first week? It was a small company with fifteen employees. I guess I didn't tell you about this. I didn't put it on my CV."

That made him stop. He smirked. "Nikki, you have many things you didn't put on your CV, " he pointed out. "Including majoring culinary studies."

"I don't think I needed to put that, though. To continue, I yelled in front of my boss' office and threw rocks in the middle of the night. I knew that she was still there…"

"Nikki, I'm not interested in hearing this, " he dismissed.

"But I just thought that there were crazy things I could do…" I cleared my throat. "Then, my boss found out that it was me. I only did it because she

re is, " I pressed. "I can't choose between you and Louis. I was wrong to begin with. You see, this didn't have to be a choice. I wanted to fix what's broken between us. I still wanted to look at your face in the morning, thinking that everything was back to normal."

"But nothing has been normal since we kissed, " he whispered harshly. "Nikki, this won't get back to normal."

"But it's better this way."

"What if I know something much better? Let's face this now, " he said softly. "I'm tired of this stupid competition."

Damon cupped my face and came closer, his lips met mine. I tried to press my lips together to resist, but he forced his tongue into my mouth and bit my bottom lip hard. Then, he lifted me and brought me to the couch. He gripped my waist—sliding his hand under my shirt, reaching for my breast. He twisted my nipples.

I moaned, but he brought his tongue back to my mouth to shut me up. I was on fire. No more words, just a suppressed desire. The way he pressed his hard chest against me, and how he claimed my lips with his mouth was intoxicating.

"You are mine, " he said breathlessly as he parted slightly. He brought his lips to my neck, and his hard shaft was pressing on my stomach. "You didn't have to choose because you are only mine. Do you understand?"

"Damon we shouldn't—"

"Answer me, baby. Are you mine?"


"Say it. Say, you are mine, and mine alone."

I swallowed. "I'm yours…" I gave in. This was bad.

"Good." He stood back on the ground—leaving me so open, and so needy.

"I am taking you somewhere, " he promised.

"What? Where?"

He kissed my forehead. "You'll see."

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