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   Chapter 7 The Auction

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Guests in suits and fancy dresses had already filled the posh interior of Prime Hall. Everything was glistening before my eyes, including flashes from the camera snaps. In each corner, people bragged about their wealth—which made the grand event absurd, since it was supposed to be a charity event. I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I clearly didn't belong in his world.

"We are half an hour late. Didn't you realize that?" said Damon, offering his arm as we walked the red carpet. I held his arm, squeezing his bicep a little.

"Then why didn't you come here straight away? And I didn't ask you to wait."

Damn, look at him. He's so fine-looking himself. It wasn't every day I saw Damon in a black tuxedo, and it suits him immaculately. He looked devilishly gorgeous.

"I'm sorry." I held my breath. He smelled so good I almost wanted to faint.

He frowned. "Are you all right?"


"You're sweating."

I cleared my throat. "It's just... It doesn't feel right, " I whispered. "This party, I mean."


"This party is for a cause… for charity. But if it were me, or if I had the means, I would probably just bring the party to the children. Their foster homes, public schools—perhaps conduct an outreach program instead. It's all about knowing them, not having a party like this which only rich people could—" I shook my head. "You know what I mean?"

He chuckled, amused. "Yes. I know what you mean."

"Never mind. How could you know?"

Damon stopped and then held my hand. "I understand you. Really. You see, this is just for public appearance. Something they can show on TV." He gazed at me. "Listen. People can get very disapproving most of the time. They are envious. This charity was once questioned because some people thought the funds were coming from something illegal, but it's not. Therefore, we need this gathering—the rest is uncontrollable. You are right, too, sweetheart. The extravagance is present. But believe me behind what's happening here, the people's money, their donations… it will serve its purpose."

Sweetheart. I almost gasped.

"Am I disapproving, then?"

He smiled. "No. I think what you said is nice."

"Well, thank you." I smiled back.

"You're welcome."

Despite Damon's mood swings, I didn't know he could be sentimental at times, and sympathetic too. As we continued walking to our table, a man in his late twenties approached him with open arms.

"There you are, you really came!"

"Dominic." Damon accepted his warm welcome, then released each other briefly.

Oh, so he was Dominic Grant. This foundation's CEO. I was used to answering his emails, but it was my first time meeting him. I was slightly mesmerized by how good looking he was. He was tall, dirty blonde-haired and muscular. He wore a crisp designer black three-piece suit.

"You rascal, you didn't tell me you arrived yesterday."

"Sorry. I had a situation, " Damon reasoned.

Dominic clicked his tongue. "I'll beat you to death if it's because of a woman. You still owe me a drink."

I almost choked. They both turned to me, clearing my throat certainly caught their attention.

"Oh, you're with this wonderful young lady?" Dominic asked while he was checking me out.

"Dominic, this is Nikki, my assistant. Nikki, this is Dominic, my, er… best friend."

"I'm hurt. You seem unsure, " he commented. Dominic walked closer, reaching a hand to me. "Hi, Nikki. So you're the one who reads and replies to Damon's emails?"

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Grant." I pumped his hand.

"If I only knew you were this beautiful, " he said, bemused and grinning.

"Dominic, no, " Damon warned.

Dominic chuckled. "Relax, man. You're so serious. I won't do anything. Besides, Demi is here; she came with me." He laughed, then clicked his tongue. "Any

We're going. Have a great day tomorrow, " Demi said, then they left together.

"Shall we go?" Louis asked.


"I mean, don't you want to go already? Your boss just left."

"Of course, we should." I forced a smile.

Physically, there really wasn't much difference between the siblings, except the fact that Louis could make my heart sing. I felt so loved and cared for whenever I was with him.

Damon, however, made me feel crazy and consumed. Wasn't it clear that Louis was the right choice? But why did my heartache when I saw Damon with someone else??

I sighed sharply. I should forget all about him and focus on Louis.


Damn it! I loosened the necktie in suffocation. I pulled out a bottle of whiskey from the mini-bar and poured it in a glass. I couldn't stop myself from shuddering—it's as if my blood was going to pump out of my head any moment now. I gulped the glass of whiskey straight down my throat.

"Damon, are you there?" Demi's calm voice echoed in the room. "This is not what you want." I heard her footsteps coming towards me.

"Please not now, Demi."

"I can't just ignore you. I know how hurt you were before when I dated you and Louis, and—"

"I said, stop. This isn't how it was before." I poured another shot of whiskey in the glass.

"Okay, I'm sorry. Are you heading to Florida?"

"Yes, I can't just suck it up for a whole night."

"Take care, Damon. I don't want to say anything, but I can't ignore this. I think Nikki likes you."

"She doesn't want me. She wants Louis and I can't stop thinking about them, Demi. I admit it. Why does it have to be my brother again?" I drank the last drop of liquor.

"I'm sorry, Damon. I really am."

"What's wrong with me? Am I that unworthy?" I barked, then I threw the glass on the floor harshly, and it shattered into pieces. "Why does it always have to be this way?"

Demi quickly wrapped her arms around my neck. She let me rest my head on her stomach, caressing my neck so lightly, with her palms. "Hey, you know that is not true. Maybe it's not just the right time."

"I'm pathetic, " I whimpered. I slowly slipped my arms around her waist. It's been a long while since Demi comforted me like this.

"Thanks for staying here."

"I have a lot to repay you and Louis for, but I'd rather pay my gratitude to you first."

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, and then she released me saying she had to go back home to her husband. Hurriedly, I packed my things then headed back to the airport not informing anyone.

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