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   Chapter 6 Losing Control

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I stared at him open-mouthed, unable to speak.

"Yes?" Damon raised an eyebrow, waiting for my answer.

How could he ask such a thing of me? It was his brother we were talking about, for goodness' sake! His own brother whom he always cared about.

"Why are you doing this to me? Are you saying you are willing to betray him? You know that I will say no." Or maybe yes? God, what was wrong with me?

"I am only trying to save you."

"Save me? And you don't think what you want is dangerous?"

Damon gritted his teeth. "I shouldn't have introduced him to you. It was my fault. How far did your relationship go?"

"We're not in a relationship yet, but we kissed, " I admitted, and it felt weird sharing such private information. "I thought you would help me. I thought we would make him fall for me."

A groan escaped his throat. "Making him fall for you is already out of the picture because he's not going to. He doesn't do love."

"Like you do love? How could you know that? Do you always think that he is no different from you? Louis is exactly your opposite. Whoever he was from the past is no longer who he is now. I am sure that he is changed, and he is something that you never were, never are, and never will be."

He scowled hard, looking offended. "Is that what you think of me?" his voice gruff and tight. "Great. Now, I am the villain here. I love my brother, and I would do anything for his happiness, but I cannot let him get you. Of all the women in the world, it can't be you. You are not what makes him happy."

Ouch. "Is it because I'm not blonde?" I fired back. "I'm not a supermodel? I'm plain? I'm not tall? I am not a multi-millionaire? Tell me, Damon."

"This is ridiculous, " he breathed. "I didn't even say that's the reason why Louis would not fall for you."

"Then, why are you doing this?"

"Let's not talk about this anymore, " he snapped, shutting me off as if I was a child. Then he plugged earphones in his ear and shut his eyes.

THE WEATHER in London was just as crisp as Manhattan when winter was close, and the traffic congestion was just as dreadful. However, it's still a foreign city, and I'd always wanted to fly to Europe. This was my first time, but Damon had been here a gazillion times, so I was still wondering why he brought me. I'd dreamt of coming here with my family and probably meet a British man. I was curious what would it be like to live in a country being ruled by monarchs. But of course, that was before I met Louis.

I wanted to enjoy every bit of my stay, but Damon's aura was killing the mood. He didn't say a word until we checked into the hotel. His hotel. Apparently, he had properties on each side of the world, and I was amazed, I admit. His name was even plastered in Forbes last year for having a net worth of seven billion. He was a workaholic and dedicated so he deserved everything he had now. The only problem was his character.

What could be the reason why he wanted to date me? He didn't even like me nor was he attracted to me. I knew the women he screwed, and I wasn't like any of them. They were either celebrities, models, or even influential women from high-ranking society. I was just his assistant without status. Maybe he just really wanted to exasperate me so I would stop seeing Louis. That must be it.

Damon went straight to his room, then shut the door deafeningly. Mine was next to his. Yeah, go ahead! I'd definitely lock myself away too.

Hastily, I stepped into my extravagant room. I wanted to thank him for giving me such a convenient space, but I was so pissed at him. He completely ignored me after spitting those words.

The suite was exquisite—too large for a single person. The air felt cold and was citrus-scented. Though still upset, at least I could sleep with ease tonight. I plopped onto the king-size bed, then unzipped my suitcase to settle my things. We were staying for three days, and I was glad I brought some of my favorite nighties and cosmetics on this trip.

A gentle knock on my door interrupted my daydream after only thirty minutes. I grabbed my phone, then checked the time. It was twelve-thirty. I groaned.

I lazily stepped out of my bed, then opened the door, expecting room service. Damon was the one standing at the door. He was only in his white shirt and gray sweatpants.

"How's your room?" he asked.

It's lovely. "It's fine."

"Fine?" He frowned. "You don't like it?"

"I said, it's fine, Damon. What do you need?"

"Good. I don't need anything." He crossed his arms. "Open the closet. I prepared something for the party tomorrow night. Do you want to eat?"


"Yes, so I guess I won't be staying here until tomorrow."

"You sound sad. Don't you want to see me?"

"Of course, I want to see you. I miss you too, but this place is amazing. I heard they have a spa."

"We can go back anytime."


"Of course. I guess Damon just couldn't leave Carlie."

I scowled. "Your stepmother? What happened to her?"

"She's in Florida. I thought he told you."

"Yes, but he said something about the warehouse instead."

How could he still care for his stepmother? I heard she took away some of their father's properties and tried to seduce Damon.

"Yes, but legally, we are still her family. Her new boyfriend is beating her. She's in the hospital right now, " he informed.

"But I thought she had a brother."

"Yes, but he's in jail."

"So why is he going there? It's not his business to babysit his stepmother."

"I can't blame him. He feels responsible for her. She's all alone."

"The woman has a boyfriend."

"—who beats her."

"She seduced Damon!" I exclaimed.

"Almost, Nikki. Why do you sound so mad?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. I am just so disappointed with how stupid he is."

"It's not stupidity, Nikki. It's sympathy. I know you're worried about Damon, but he can handle himself."

"Right. You're right." Damn, I sounded so jealous.

At the café, I pulled a chair and sat across Damon. He had his breakfast in front of him, but still untouched. He looked even more magnificent today in casual Ralph Lauren white polo shirt, twill khaki shorts, and white sports sneakers.

"What took you so long? I was waiting for you, " he said.

"I called Louis."

He didn't answer, then called for a waiter. The server came immediately and placed a plate of bacon and pancakes, and a cup of tea on the table.

"What did he say?" He took a sip of his tea.

"So, you're going to see Carlie?" I began slicing my pancake. "You should have told me that instead of lying to me about the warehouse."

"I did not lie to you. I just have to visit Carlie because I know she's there."

I shrugged. "If you say so."

"Nikki, " he whispered. "Those supplies are important. I cannot just ignore the situation."

"Fine, I believe you. I just asked."

"You're not asking. You were accusing me."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, please, Damon. I know what's going on here."

Damon put his utensils down. "Why are you being like this?"

"Being like what?"

"If you are thinking that I am going to fuck Carlie, let me tell you that I am not."

"I didn't even say that, " I said tightly. "You are so defensive."

"I don't want to argue with you."

"I am not arguing with you. God, Damon. Why are you so mad at me?"

"Because you confuse me. You sound like you're jealous, but you don't want me. You seem curious, but then, you're not interested. What am I supposed to do?" he questioned. "Fine. I won't visit Carlie."

My shoulders fell. "I'm so sorry. Go visit her. She needs you. I'm not going to ask anything about your personal life again. You're right. Maybe we should just stop."

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