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   Chapter 3 Email Mistake

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I'm not a slut. I convinced myself repeatedly. I wanted Louis Cavendish, and I was dying to see him. He approached me, and I knew that he'd shown some kind of interest in me.

Nah! I don't even know if he's interested in that way.

I'd been staring at my computer since my throbbing back felt the cushiony softness of my bed, typing some names of potential people.

I re-read what I'd typed a while back.

Potential "Safe" Persons to practice kissing. Target: Louis Cavendish.

Mark – My ex who wants me back. Not that safe, but at least a little. He might think that I still like him.

Drew – My college friend who still texts me.

George – One of the company managers who's asked me for a date.

Thomas – The company chef who's giving me free meals because he told me that I'm beautiful.

Damn it. I felt ridiculous and crazy. Writing a list of people to practice kissing with was crazy! I sighed.

This was my ex-boyfriend's fault. When he broke up with me, he told me I wasn't a good kisser and wasn't good enough to please him in bed. How dare he say that to my face after everything I did for him? I gave him everything, and never expected anything in exchange. This time, I wouldn't ruin everything.

Okay. I'm hungry. I'm just hungry.

I saved the text, then closed my laptop. I hurried downstairs and went to the kitchen to look for food. Then I remembered I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, and unfortunately, I wouldn't have anything for breakfast tomorrow. I exhaled as I checked the fridge and the kitchen cupboards for food. I shook my head as I found nothing.

"Nik, do you want some of this?" Claire appeared at my side, holding a box of pizza.

"Oh, God!" I sighed in relief. "Thanks, Claire. I'm starving!"

She chuckled as she opened the box. I grabbed a piece and ate it right away.

"How's school?" I asked, chewing.

She rolled her eyes and sat on the barstool. "Oh, don't start with that."

"But did you tell already tell home about the party?"

She took a big bite of her pizza, then spoke. "Hmm… Mom said she'll give me an allowance for the plane ticket. Wanna come?"

"I can't. I have tons to do in the office."

Her shoulders dropped. "But you've not set foot in Harrisburg for almost eleven months, Nik. How about your birthday? It's a few weeks away. Aren't you going to celebrate with us?"

I blew out a heavy breath. "As you can see, my life is my boss's life."

"You've got to live your own life. Your boss has to know you can't be with him gazillion hours a week. Mom and Dad miss you. Please remember that."

"He's inconsiderate." I shook my head. "He even blocked a job interview six months ago." I picked up another slice of pizza.

Claire raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure he's not a psycho?"

"I'm sure he is, " I concluded and we burst out laughing.

"Hey, Nik. I'm going to use your computer. I need to search something on Google."

I swallowed my food and nodded. "Laptop's in my room."

Claire shrugged and grabbed another piece of pizza before rushing to my room. Half an hour later, she came out holding my computer. I was now in the living room watching some late-night show.

"You have an email, " she said.


"Ms. Francesca, can you send me the Crown's new project proposal? Damon Cavendish, CEO of—what do I do next?"

"Find the file Crown Incorporated on My Desktop. Attach it and then send it to him, " I instructed, but my eyes still set on the TV. "Ugh, damn it! What did he say? I didn't hear him." I complained, referring to the particular scene on the show.

"Sent, " she informed. "Do we still have pizza?"

I glared at her this time, and she backed away in horror. "Yes! I'm watching, Claire. I don't understand what the hell they're saying!" I set my eyes back at the screen; I'd missed another scene.

"Sorry." Claire giggled, then walked to the kitchen.

Several minutes later, my phone rang. I ignored it. But it rang again. Damn, it was freaking twelve-thirty in the morning! I grabbed my phone and glanced at the screen.

I gasped to see my boss's name. I answered right away. "Hello?"

"What the hell did you just send me, Nikki?" he yelled, but it still made my eardrum shatter into a thousand pieces.

I jerked the phone away. "But you told me—"

"Potential Safe Persons to practice kissing. Target. Louis Cavendish—what's the meaning of this?"

Oh, my God. No! I shut my eyes in horror, and I felt the blood on my face drained. My heart was ready to jump out of my chest.

I'm dead. I'm freaking dead!

I covered the phone and looked over Claire. "What did you send him?"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"You sent my boss an incorrect file!"

"What? But you said—" she paused, then looked at the computer screen. "Oops."

"What do you mean oops, Claire?!" I panicked.

She bit her lip. "I attached the wrong file…"

Oh, God!

"What the hell is this, Nikki?" he shouted again on the other line.

"Don't read that!" I shouted back. "Please, don't read that, " I whispered.

I heard a sharp intake of breath on the other line. "For goodness' sake, Nikki! What are you doing? Do you like my brother? Is that it?"

"You received the wrong document, and it was my sister who sent it." I bit my lower lip. I am really going to get fired now. "Mr. Cavendish, please don't read the rest." He must have thought I was a maniac who was in love with his brother.

"Yes, because it's painful to read. Don't make excuses. Why would you let your sister touch your work?" he said in a disgusted tone. "Where are you? Let's meet."

What? "Sir, but it's twelve in the—Am I fired?"

"Yes, if you don't come here right now. I don't care if it's already late. Just—whatever, Nik." He let out a breath of frustration before hanging up the phone.

My knees fell. He would definitely fire me now! Goodbye, my job, and goodbye to my ultimate crush, Louis.

Wait, Damon would definitely fire me if I don't come to his penthouse right now.

Hastily, I donned my office clothes.

"Claire, I'll be back. I need to meet my boss." It wasn't her fault. She had just no idea about the files on my computer.

"Okay, sorry for the file."

I hurried out my apartment as fast as I could, then sprinted toward my Toyota. I worried about what Damon would say. He would disapprove of me or even push the fraternization policy in my face before dismissing me. Surely, I would be free of his cruel management, but I would also lose the chance of dating his brother. I revved up my car engine to life.

It was well past midnight when I arrived at Damon's penthouse. I'd been in his home a couple of times. I'd spent many sleepless nights with him when we were finishing the paperwork.

I stepped out of the car, then pressed the doorbell. The gate automatically unlocked. I took a deep breath before I entered. Then I found Damon at the front door in his casual sweatpants and black shirt. He was also barefoot.

"Come in, " he invited.

I followed him inside. "I am so sorry, Mr. Cavendish."

"Sit here, " he ordered as he sat on the couch and set his computer on his lap.

I sat across him, trying to avoid his eyes. It was too embarrassing. He must hate me by now. I shouldn't come here at all.

"It's not even twenty-four hours since you pissed me off, " he started.

"I'm so sorry, " I whispered.

"And what is this practice kissing thing? What the hell is this?" His sight was still on his laptop's screen.

"It's a mistake. My sister sent you the wrong file." I tried defending myself.

He sighed. "It's not the point. Why would you make a document like this? This is ridiculous." His tone strangely softened, and I'd rarely seen him confused like this. "Thomas? My chef? What were you thinking? He's giving you free meals?"

I nodded.

"And who is this George?" he asked. "George Bronco?"

I nodded again, then I looked down at my lap.

"Are you that desperate to get my brother?"

I didn't answer. Did he just ask me to come here to tell me that? Was he just curious about it? Wasn't he going to fire me? He wanted us to talk about his brother instead?

"Listen very carefully. Louis's preferences have always been precise and consistent. He prefers tall, honey-skinned—the supermodel type. And most of all, blonde."

What? Was I really hearing this?

"And you, " he continued as he studied me, "… you're not very tall, but fine. You are pale, and definitely not the supermodel type, and also a brunette."

What a poisonous bastard! The hell you care!

"Are you done?" I shot back. "Is this why you called me here? You're just going to insult me like that?"

"If you want Louis to see you as a woman, you should get tanned, dye your hair blonde, but you cannot do anything about your height. He wants six-footers. You're just what, five-six? But you can join Miss Universe anyway. Louis dates beauty queens."

I was so done with this!

"Seriously? I don't care if I'm not the supermodel type! I'm sincere, and I'm true to my feelings." I crossed my arms.

He laughed humorlessly. "Nikki, I'm not trying to disappoint you, trust me. I know my brother so well."

He freaking laughed! He was making fun of me.

"Get to the point!" I demanded.

"What I'm trying to say is that you're beautiful on your own, " his voice was feather-soft, "a girl-next-door type, but that's not his type. You're just going to get yourself hurt."

I couldn't deny that his eyes were sincere. I had a feeling that he was telling the truth. My shoulders fell.

"I like your brother, Mr. Cavendish, " I confessed.

"Do you really want him?"

I nodded, and he sighed.

"Okay. Do you want me to help you?"

What? Did I hear that right? He didn't sound mad at all. I must be losing my mind. I must be hearing things.

"The only person who knows my brother very well is me."

"Am I dreaming? Are you really my boss?"

"I'm serious, Nikki."

"So am I."

"What made you think that you need to practice kissing?"

I shrugged. "Because I'm not good at it."

"You should know that kissing isn't enjoyable when you don't like the person you are kissing."

My chin dropped. Did my boss really say that?

"Do you mean when my ex-boyfriend told me that I'm not good at kissing, he means he didn't really want me?"

"He told you that?" He scowled. "He's an ass."

I thought so, too. "It's not about that. I'm just saying I might not really be good at it because he told me so."

"It's about finding the right partner."

I blinked. Was he giving me lessons about love now?

"Let me tell you something, " he continued. "Louis doesn't date tedious women, and you definitely need to make him like you first before you kiss him. What the hell was playing in your brain?"

Right. He was actually giving me a piece of advice.

"Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know that you're a love expert, " I mocked.

"I'm not, " he said tightly. "I'm serious about this, Nikki, but I don't do the love thing."

"Okay—just what else do you do than counting women? Do you know how much of a waste of time fetching gifts for your mistresses while I'm working with your demands?"

"This isn't about me, " he snorted, "and let's be clear about that. You're the one who suggested that, " he pointed, and the tone he used reflected some deep vulnerability at his end.

"Because I feel sorry for—whatever, I'm sorry about that." I cleared my throat. "But you're saying this because you're going to he

lp me, right?"

He stared at me. "It's not what I'm trying to say here. It's just annoying to see you being like this. You've been working for me for two years, and you have not acted this way before."

"So, you will help me now? I am actually asking you."

"Not yet." He sighed. "I'm just telling you what you are up to."

"But I think he's kind of interested in me." I shrugged. "Your brother, I mean."

"Did he say that?"

"No, but he asked me out. Not a date, he just wants to hang out."

Damon's brow raised. "Did he now?"

"I'm sorry. I think I'm being inappropriate. I am your assistant, and Louis is your brother. I guess let's just forget this and let me apologize—"

"Do you really want to know how to kiss?" he cut me off. I threw him a startled look.

"What? Maybe, I…"

"Then kiss me."

I stunned, unable to respond.

"Oh, don't give me that look, " he said.

"But we can't, " I stuttered. "There's nothing between us. I don't like you, and you don't like me. Kissing isn't enjoyable when you kiss someone you don't like, you said so yourself."

I watched his eyes, gazing directly at mine. An awkward silence enveloped between us. Damon looked away, turning back to his laptop and run his tongue on his lower lip.

Damn, it's so red. But it wasn't possible. He was my boss.

"You listed so many potential persons here. I just thought you're still up to this. Are you, Nikki?"

"I'm not sure. I'm still thinking about it. Wait, I think I'll go with option number one. He's safe."

He scowled. "Seriously? You'll still do this? What if Louis finds out?"

"Louis will never know about it if you don't tell him."

"Do I look nosy to you?"

"Yes, because you're impossible!" I sprang up and grabbed my purse. "I'll send you the documents you need tomorrow because the file is in the office."

"Nikki, stop!"

I shot him a glare. "We're both outside the company so you should not order me around!"

He closed down his laptop and set it aside. "I said stop and sit down, Nikki."

I stood still and didn't move a muscle. His firm voice sent a shock in my body, making me shiver. Even not in the office, he still had this power over me—making me vulnerable, and I always submitted to him.

"It is Louis we are that talking about here, " he reminded. "It's you who has feelings for him. I think I should concern myself here."

I nodded, then sat quietly.

"When did you start to like him?" he asked, lifting his chin up as he gazed at me with no emotion.

"Remember the gala? He danced with me."

Damon smirked, shaking his head. "I think I'm the one who's responsible for that. If I had known that you would like Louis, I wouldn't have brought you."

It's like a slap to the face. I didn't know what he was thinking. Seconds ago, he offered to help, and then the next minute, he was regretting it.

"I'm not sure what you want any more, " I said.

"Maybe I hate seeing you like this. Maybe, I'm afraid it would affect your job. I hired you and reckon, you even know my waist and shoe size. You get what I mean?"

I chuckled. "Yes." Apparently, it wasn't just his waist and his shoe. I knew his neck, his wrist, and his chest size.

"Even if you're absent-minded most of the time, you are the most capable person I know, and I trust you. And knowing Louis and what he's done in the past, he isn't the type of man for you. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense, but I have to say something at least."

I didn't know he thought that way about me. He simply didn't want me to get hurt. He didn't have a reason to lie to me as well. But it wouldn't change what I felt for Louis.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"There's nothing you can do. Think about what I said earlier. You can never be like the women he dated. Just be yourself."

"Yeah! I'm sure they're just like the women you've dated, " I said sarcastically. I membered all of them for the last twenty-four months working for him. I knew Damon was a lady-magnet. Women seemed to follow him everywhere. He even took tons of blondes in the office, and all I could do was plug earphones in my ears so I would not hear random noises.

"Again, this is not about me."

"Yes, because you are comparing yourself to him."

He sighed. "I just want you to be careful, and I wanted to protect him, too."

"Protect him from me?" my voice raised.

"No. It's not like that. This is about two people that I care about. Nikki, if you like my brother, I won't stop you. I just want you to be smart about this."

I gazed at my boss's face. I understand what he meant to say. Honestly, it was the first time he ever cared about my personal life.

"Let's kiss, " I whispered. "I understand now."

"I just want you to be ready, " he explained with his tightened jaw.

"No. I believe you."

He sighed. "I'm not supposed to say this to you, but I think you need to know. We dated the same woman once. She wanted us both, but I regret that part of my life."

I blinked, surprised by his sudden confession. When did it happen? I didn't know they had such a controversial past. I didn't see that coming.

"Did you love her?"

"I did. We both did. Until we got tired and we didn't want to share her anymore. But she wanted us both, so I had to let her go."

I thought he didn't do the love thing.

"I'm sorry."

The next thing that happened was unexpected. I didn't know how, but my hands grabbed the back of his head. I crushed my lips against his. I felt the air, coming out of Damon's mouth and nose in a hitched breath. His scent and his breath were intoxicating—making me want more of him. Damon responded to the kiss as our mouth locked. His hands reached my jaw, tracing down from my ear to my neckline.

I couldn't stop my heart from pounding faster. My blood flowed to my cheeks, making my face redder than ever. His tongue grazed the seam of my lips, coaxing my bottom lip down as he asked wordlessly to deepen our kiss. I parted my lips for him; then he thrust his tongue into my mouth. It was ever sweet, wet, mind-blowing, and delicate. One of his hands was busy caressing my back, and one was rubbing my neck.

My back arched in pleasure. This was way too different from how my ex-boyfriend kissed me. This was sensual—erotic as if we had a deep connection. Damon's hand moved to the curve of my butt, then squeezed me closer to him as he took me where no one ever brought me before. Oblivion.

He parted from my lips, leaving me aching for more. He was panting. "Wow."

"That was... incredible, " I agreed. I didn't know kissing him would be this good… so good, as if it was my first time. I just realized how inexpert I was. I understood now why women throw themselves at him.

"I told you, I'm better than those guys you listed." He grinned. "Don't even consider doing it with some other guy, Nikki. I will chase them off. I didn't know kissing you would be that great. Your ex is an ass." Damon pulled back his head to take a glimpse of me. "Let me help you, okay?"

I nodded, then smiled. Damon pressed another quick but deep kiss to my lips.

"I could do this every day."

Does his brother kiss like this? Like him?

I'd like to know. Nope. I'm dying to know.

I WAS at work ten minutes earlier than my usual time the next morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get much sleep. Heck, I didn't sleep at all! I couldn't stop thinking about the mind-blowing kiss Damon and I shared. I didn't know how I was supposed to face him in the office.

With excitement? Awkwardness? I wasn't sure anymore. I decided to go to the coffee station and get him a coffee. It was my routine in the morning.


I jolted in surprise when a voice echoed in my ear. I turned and found Louis with his bright morning smile.

"God, do you want me to die early?" I couldn't help but smile back. Nothing seemed changed about my feelings for him. Louis was still the man I wanted. I still found him desirable in his crisp navy blue suit that impeccably hugged his body. He was sexier now than ever. He was a breath of fresh air. His presence alone could take me out of this world.

He grinned sweetly. "You're early."

"Yeah, something I don't often do. And you're early, too, why?"

"Got something to do. Hey, can you make me some of that too?"

"Sure." I grabbed another cup from the tray.

"Hey, are you sick? You are so red, " he observed, checking my face.

"No, I'm not. I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe that's why." I touched my cheeks.

"Did Damon make you work overnight?"

I shook my head. "Should I tell him?"

"No!" I snapped. "Don't tell him." Maybe this was because I kissed Damon and I felt so damn guilty that I did.

"I'll wait for my coffee then. You see, I still don't have an assistant."

I nodded. "I'll bring it to you, but I have to get one to my boss first. Sorry."

"It's okay. I can wait. I'll go to my office then. I'll tell you something later." He winked and then turned away.

As expected, Damon was already at his desk when I returned. My muscles agitated as butterflies filled my stomach. I didn't know how to approach him. He was typing on his laptop. Damn. He was so gorgeous today in his gray pinstriped suit, and I suddenly want to run my fingers on his perfect hair.

Did he sleep well? Did he feel what I felt? Was he going to act as nothing happened? Or was he going to talk about what it?

"Good morning, Mr. Cavendish. Here's your cup of coffee." I nervously put the cup on his desk.

"You're early, " he whispered.

"Yes. I sent you the document this morning. Did you get it?" He nodded, eyes focused on his laptop.

"Nikki, could you get me a cereal bar? I didn't have breakfast this morning."

"Sure, sir."

I hurried to his suite room on the upper floor. Damon didn't often use it, but I knew too well that he often took women there. I never cared for it and ignored it most of the time, but it made my stomach twitch now.

I stepped into the suite then walked straight to the fridge. I grabbed a pack of cereal bar and closed it only to find Damon standing next to me. He grasped my wrist then pinned me to the wall.

"Mr. Cavendish?"


"What are you doing?"

He pressed his chest against mine. This was how he held me last night. I remembered how he smelled when we kissed, and it was the same scent he was wearing now. I swallowed hard.

"This is crazy, " he whispered. "We shouldn't have kissed." Damon pecked on the side of my lips. "It's weird."

"It was weird for me, too." I bit my lower lip. "Believe me, it was so weird."

"I'd like to talk about it—to settle things. I don't know if I can do this anymore. I may not stop."

"You said you'll help me with your brother."

"Yes." He groaned, and then he released me from his strong hold.

"Here's your snack." I lifted the cereal bar. "You'll still help me?"

He nodded, but he avoided my gaze.

I forced a smile. "Louis said he has something to tell me in his office. What do you think it would be?"

"I don't know, " he whispered. "Tell me everything he tells you."

I nodded. "Sure. Thank you, Damon."

He didn't answer.

"I said thank you, Damon. Are you not going to scold me? I called you by your first name."

"No. It would be odd if you call me with formal titles." He grabbed the snack from my hand. "Thanks."

Then just like that, Damon turned away, leaving me alone, still meditating on what happened the night before.

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