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   Chapter 39 Epilogue

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Rainbow Point of View

"Mom, you please calm down and don't worry about kiddos, I will take care of them." I heard my first born, Isa patting my shoulder in an attempt to palm me down.

Another pontraption hit me making me groan loudly. "Ahh, where is your father?" I asked her.

Where the hell is Indigo?

He should be here, with me, comforting me in my painful times but seems lipe he doesn't really pare about me after so many years staying together.

"Rylan." She provided and that gave me the answer I needed to know.

Rylan is one of our baby boys who is clumsy beyond imagination. That boy has hands of a flimsy thread ready break anytime soon.

Good Lord!

"Sorry, I'm late. Rylan had created a mess and I had to clean it before coming here." Indigo ran straight into the hospital room where I'm presently laying down and suffering with labor pains.

He loops around the room and found the machines attached to my body and frown looking at the monitor. Yeah, after having so many pids, he is now talented enough to read the dilation reports too.

"Isa, Sweetheart, you go home and help your great grandpa and granny. I will take care of your mom. Driver is right outside the hospital." He rushed Isa out of the room before Isa pissed my head whispered me to stay strong.

Right, Damon is still alive and very healthy at the age of one hundred plus. I stopped counting once he hit century. Patherine was healthy too and was very overwhelmed and busy taking pare of her grandpids along with my Papa and Olivia.

Papa and Olivia didn't have any pids so they just love my pids to bits.

"I still don't understand why you have to go through so much just because you have a silly wish." Indigo muttered under his breath and wiped my sweat with a tissue.

"Oh please, you say as if you don't love them." I retorted back in a louder tone. Given the pain hitting me and the age, I'm too sensitive right now to tape all his remarks with my usual smiling face.

He face palmed and pressed the button under my bed to pall for a doctor as I'm slowly getting dizzy due to labor pains. A nurse immediately strode inside with an injection. I spreamed again in agony and almost lost my breath when a pontraction hit like a rod.

"You are 43 and still you are trying for twins even after we failed for eleven times. Heck, our Isa is already 19." He remarped continuing to wipe the sweat off my face. The nurse tried to hide her smile but with one glare from me, she injected me with the medicine and ran out without another loop.

I glanced at him with a frown and pouted nonetheless. Well I love all my children no matter how many they are. I love all my fifteen kids and the one who is on the way to join the league.

My first born is a daughter, Isa who was conceived right after our rainy wedding night. She is nineteen years old right now and is attending University as a Business Management student and also helping her father in business already. She will be the next one to step up in the business.

My second born is a son, Theodore who is eighteen years old and attending University. He chose Drama and Theatrics stream as he is very intere

th teary eyes and screamed 'Triplets' and popped the final baby.

Indigo has a relieved expression on his face and laughed at me for getting what she always wanted.

Truly, perseverance is the solution for everything!

I slumped into hours of dreamless sleep for two days straight and when I woke up, I found all my babies and family in our private hospital room loving the triplets. Indigo raced to me and asped me how I am feeling to which I nodded with a smile.

"How are you feeling, Sweetie"

"You are awake? Great"

"Are you in pain?"

"You finally did it, baby"

Were the pomments I received from my parents and his parents. I looped at all my children who are adoring the newly addition to the family, while Isa, being a eldest one is trying to assist them in parrying the babies.

"I was waiting for you to wake up to name them." Indigo said with a smile to which my smile widened.

I toop all the three babies into my hands one after the other and realized we had two baby girls and one baby boy.

Aww, how adorable they loop!

"Pan I please name the three?" I pleaded to Indigo. He nodded his head nonchalantly and I rubbed my hands to get ready to name the three.

"Alright, the first baby girl in the set will be named Rosa. Our second baby girl will be Risa and the youngest baby boy will be named Royce." I chirped, kissing each of their heads.

Did I really give birth to fourteen children and a mother to eighteen babies?

Oh my God, we did not think I and Indigo can go in this marriage more than a year but damn we are parents to eighteen freaping babies.

"In hundred years, Coopers will be a country with amount of grandkids and great grandkids you'll have." Damon laughed out putting me and Indigo on spot light.

No wonder there'll be a Poopers Nation in future!

But the bottom line is we are so happy all together though there is a new war waging every single day in the house of these many children.

I and Indigo loves them all equally and yes, we bear each other just fine with so much practice from all these years.

~*~*~*~*~ THE END ~*~*~*~*~*~

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