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Keenan Point of View

This is unacceptable!

What! Those whisker weasels are my brothers?

Freaking Sh*t

That girl is a complete crack. She degraded me to the level of a laboratory rat and what did she say, 'You all look so similar like you are all a part of a same egg'

The heck!

How in the hell do I resemble a white whisker weasel?

With my handsome fame people are going crazy and girl always concoct plans to get me for themselves. But what has this tongue twisted girl made me into?

A f**king rainbow color rat.

"Stop looking at me, you little weasel." I grumbled when I noticed Bell girl's little rats staring at me quietly for a while then communicating within themselves, god knows what, probably about me.

"This is your sh*t and your crack minded sister gave me, Keenan Coopers, the only heir and the CEO of Coopers Empire, the task of cleaning your dirty clothes." I stomped my foot in absolute anger. "This is intolerable."

"You must be thinking so high of yourself when the Bell girl kept you in the same level of a human like me! You fair rats just watch, tomorrow she might bring a new bug and will mate you with it. She is that crazy I tell you." I shook my head in exasperation and looked at the stinking colour cloth pads which are supposed to be washed by me.

What sin had I done to be in predicament like this?

Even my own grandpa and mother told me to suck it up and act like a man. Why are they supporting a nobody like that nurse Bell and showing a blind eye when their own blood is suffering from embarrassment?

"Excuse me Mr. Coopers" I heard the sweetest words ever. Mr. Coopers! How honey sweet to hear the correct name?

I looked up towards my PA walking inside my office with hand full of files. If I didn't know she did not shower from ten days, then I would have kissed her for calling me by my name correctly.

She thinks she can cover up her stinking odor with the help of branded perfumes, but dear, even the most popular brand cannot help with her body odor.

Why can't she just shower a little? I don't ask her for ten minutes of bath but just... just a mug of water can do much better than infecting my lungs with her reek.

What a fate... Two women I'm unfortunate to meet daily and both have something to stench.

One has a reeking body and the other has a stinking mouth.

What a fate seriously!

"Uh Mr. Coopers? Are you talking to your new pets?" Libra asked, placing the heap of files on my table and took few steps back. "Ouch, please don't tell Miss Bell that I addressed your brothers as pets." She suddenly looked scared and f

and backing away.

F**king Embarrassing!

She laughed out loudly for quite a while and sashayed towards the opposite corner of the door where her brother's cage is kept. Reaching there, she looked at me amusingly once again and turned back and threw the Beetle inside the cage.

The fair rats struggled against each other to have the Beetle bug for itself but surprisingly, all the six of them tore equal part of the insect and ate it sumptuously leaving a couple millimeter of meat.

"Look how considerate and loving my, now yours, brothers are! They even left you your share of food. Let me tell you, they only do that if they only accept someone as one of them wholeheartedly." I looked at her in anger and utter disgust.

Well Thank you, but no thanks! I thanked to myself in sarcasm.

"But never mind my little brothers; your new brother Indigo is scared of bugs." No, she didn't just say that?

Did she just taunt me and laughed at me?

"I am not scared of bugs." I gritted looking furiously at her. "I'm just disgusted of them."

She rolled on the floor and laughed punching the floor as if I had just presented the funniest standup comedy.

"I am not scare, do you hear me?" I yelled at her and glared her.

"Sure you aren't." She said after her laughter calmed down a notch and suddenly she brought her fist to the front and looked mischievously at me.

Oh no, she has another bug with her?

She threw whatever in her fist at me and I closed my eyes and jumped yelling like a berserk. She again rolled on the floor and laughed when she saw my reaction and what is even more agonizing is she was teasing me.

Darn it. It's so embarrassing!

How should I look at her again after what happened?


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