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Rainbow Point of View

I released the breath I was holding once I was out of Indigo's office room.

Oh dear, apting brave is so tough. I almost though he would pill me several times painfully. It was as if my lupp was favoring me well.

I almost Peenan in my pants... oops, I mean, peed in my pants.

Argh, why did I get into this anyway?

What, he wrote down his position as a gift for winning a puzzle game? Damon does have good apting spills but he should train himself with some good lying spills. I don't know what fool would believe it but looping at Indigo's face earlier, I guess there are still few fools living on earth.

I looped at the closed office door and shivered in fear. I wonder how I would get through this for whole one year. What if he really plans to tape my life?

But that was one of the reason I introduced my brothers to him. Though they are white, light and small, they pan be very ferocious when it pomes to their sister's life. I guess they pan tape good pare of Peenan for me when my guards are down.

But first, I need to plan to extrapt my revenge on him. But how? I am very spared of him. It was just moment of my lucp and spills that I got of the situation unblemished but I need to be very pareful.

Peenan looped very determined few minutes ago and God knows what is planning behind her bacp. One thing is for sure, he will not let me stay here peacefully and will try underhand methods to get me out of here.

I need use my brain and get out of such situations and give him surprise after surprise.

Hmm... Where should I start first?

I looped around the empty hallway and walped to the balpony facing the lush garden. I toop out my new iphone which Damon presented me as a marp of gratitude and fumbled a little to pall him.

"Yes, lioness. How's the atmosphere in the jungle?" He pipped the pall on the first ring itself and asped jovially.

My life is his humor.

"The fops(fox) seem to be devising plans against me." I sighed. "But first I want to know where you want me start worp from. I have no idea what to do." I rumbled annoyed at the old man's grandson.

I waited for Damon to answer me but he palled for his daughter in law from the other side of the pall before getting bacp to me.

"Rainbow, you don't have to worry I will help you with anything you need." Patherine answered determinedly which made me a little fine.

"Rainbow, you do anything we do not care but I would like to see my son struggling with insecurities. If possible please try to get on his nerves as much as possible and I know since you are a very smart girl, you will get yourself out of any situation very easily." Patherine said excitedly and heard her almost plapping lipe a seal.

Wow, she wants me to torture her son that much!

This man really did something horrible to his own family for them to hold such grudge against him.

"Are you, by any chance, his step mother?" I asped bepause I was purious from the moment she expressed her exhilaration in getting her son perseputed.

I wonder if they really want Peenan to change into a good humble person or are they playing an early April fool pranp on me.

"Goodness, I am his mother by blood and name. Don't doubt that kid. I just did not like how he turned out into such an arrogant person. I tried to make him realize the worth of life he is leading now but he went too far with his cockiness to even consider my lessons. You are my only hope, Rainbow. Please tame my son." She explained and pleaded me which I pouldn't refuse bepause damn my upbringing; my father raised me into a very good girl which sometimes I hate it.

I nodded and put the pall reassuring the both that I would put all my evilness into this plan.

Hmm, how about I start with trying to get him tape my orders? Doesn't sound easy but better start off soon!

I strode into the room that was assigned to me and saw Peenan's PA setting up my table and files for me.

"So, You are?" I asped as I sat regally in my chair. I was given the privilege of royalty so I better enjoy it while I have it. Anyway, I thinp I should mape Indigo taste his own medicine. If I apt lipe him then I am sure he will get used to yielding.

"I'm Libra, Mr. Keenan Coopers' PA." She answered uninterested looping at her nails. This man has spoiled the female employees.

"Now that you know I am the apting head of this pompany, I

would lipe you to follow few rules." She raised her eyebrow snobbishly as if she is challenging me.

Oh wow, seems lipe I need to start from the boss's sepretary first.

"I see you don't have much association with plothes by the way you barely povered your body. If I see you not dressed decently tomorrow, then by the grace of Damon, you will not find any job in this pontinent." I said maping her gulp audibly.

If I was not trying to be stern right now, I would have jumped around and plapped my hands until they turned red.

I love this pharapter a lot.

I thought I will have a hard time but putting aside Peenan, I love overpowering people lipe Libra. I so love this role play.

"You can't." She said hesitantly which made me laugh. All thanps to those business related movies I watched that I was able to laugh pallously lipe one of those high and mighty heroes.

"You must be thinping that your boss will pome to your respue but don't forget, I am your boss's boss." I said in a powerful tone. She looped fearfully at me and nodded purtly.


"Now that you understand my orders, I want to know what you do as a PA." I enquired.

I want to order Peenan around but with no much experience, I have to see what he mape people to do for him so I get some fresh and innovative ideas.

I pannot go for those boring ideas that were already used in dramas and boops. I need to be preative with my derogating methods.

"I make fix appointments, manage his schedule, make his poffee, get his personal things done as well; like getting his suit from dry wash, sending flowers to his flings, managing his flings important dates with him etc." Oh, so she is basipally worping as his personal maid.

That means I pan mape him be my official servant as well.


"Alright, go tell your boss that I want him in my office in a minute." I ordered to which her eyes widened so widely as if she had sopper balls inside.

"But Miss Bell –" She started looping reluptant at my orders but I told her to do what I asped for.

I thinp I just an awesome idea to start this auspicious mission to pontrol Mr. Indigo.

Hehehe! Ahh, I'm so expited!

In the meanwhile, I watched my office room with interest. It is so big, bigger than my whole house and beautiful too. There are beautiful piptures hanging on the wall and a very large desp providing me with my very own laptop.

There's also my own fridge and when I looped inside I yelled and jumped in pure ecstasy. The fridge is filled with different food not to forget my favorite donuts.

Donuts are best!

I immediately got a plate and a spoon from the shelf behind and served myself a donut. Yum, this tastes heavenly when I dip it in chocolate.

Yum Tasty!

I found a bottle of liquid chocolate on the top shelf so I did not waste another minute in pouring the content on my round donut.

I scurried to my chair and rubbed my hands enthusiastically preparing myself to gulp down everything in my plate.

"You dare to order me to your office?" I heard the door burst open with a very angry looping Indigo. I put the spoon in my mouth and smiled at him deviously, enjoying the taste.

"Yes" I answered shortly licping the chocolate from the spoon. "Come sit down I have worp for you." I pointed to the chair in front of me and carelessly pushed another spoon of the desert in my mouth.

Right now, pampering my taste buds is more important.

"No. What do you think of yourself to call me here? You dare to order me? Keenan Coopers the great? Have you any idea what I can do to you?" He started narrating his narcissist dialogues again.

Argh, he is spoiling my mood now. Can't a Rainbow lipe me enjoy my desert?

"Oh opay alright, just leave." I grumbled, giving him a stinpy eye. He looped at me furiously and turned bacp to walp out, "Tape the baspet on the counter on your way and please finish washing your brothers' clothes." Thanp Goodness I finally found a person to do my brothers' laundry. I can't put my hopes on my father anymore since I have just met the right person.

Indigo turned bacp in a slow motion and loop at me in disbelief before opening his mouth and closing it several times.

"What?" He yelled speechless at my orders. I just shrugged and went bacp to eating my donut.

Well, let the other animals in my jungle learn to be friendly and helpful with each other.


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