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Keenan Point of View

"Grandpa, are you really doing this to me just because you lost a bet to your nurse in a freaking brain puzzle game? Are you effing kidding me?" I yelled at him, which surprisingly did not affect him at all.

Who in their right mind would write your billion dollar position in a company as collateral for losing a senseless game?

Either, he is a fool or he is trying to make me a fool.

"It was an intense game, son. I almost... almost won until your new boss, Rainbow, threw her trump card in the game. She's a sly cat I tell you." Old wolf chuckled looking proudly at the blinding colorful girl who waved at me sheepishly.

Dear Lord!

"I will not allow her anywhere near the company building." This is getting ridiculous every passing minute. I should be stern in my decision otherwise, he might as well write the whole company to his nurse in a fun game.

"Well, you should suck it up because that is my company to start with and now it is partly Rainbow's." He announced nonchalantly as if he did not just embarrassed me in front of his nurse and my mother. But damn it what got on my nerves is, my mother is actually supporting grandpa with a gleeful smile.

What drug are they taking recently?

I am so fed up with the long argument with him that I strode away from there with hot volcano preparing to burst in my system. I don't want to destroy the whole mansion with my hotness.

I hate this girl.

I hate her!

"So tell me, what strings did you pull to get here?" I asked once I settled myself in my chair after loitering around my office for good one hour.

She must have definitely blackmailed old wolf to sign the documents, otherwise how would you expect a status-less person like her to become an important executive of THE COOPERS Empire?

I can see through her very well. No one can fool Keenan Coopers because I am above the average senses that people have.

"Damon do not trust his pompany in- in the hands of his grandson I guess, so he pleaded me, begged me to tape over his responsibilities and bepome a sun in the dark rule of his grandson." She said dramatically like she is rehearsing dialogues for a damn English play but the way she blinked her eyes as if they were infected told me she is damn scared right now.

What is she, an actress?

I looked at her intensely holding the anger inside me well; she looked mischievous and like a trouble maker but she has this fear in her eyes which I loved a lot.

She is afraid of me which mean I am as invincible to her as to others. This little girl thinks I am a play toy but only I can play with others. No one can play me.

"You call him Damon? How close are you calling him by his first name? Are you his secret child?" I insulted her casually because she deserves it.

She is not a Coopers, she is nothing close to my standards, she doesn't look rich, then why would old wolf put her here in his place?

The only think that did not prick me in her is her average looking face.

"We are plose enough to know each other's plans by heart. I want you to lead me to my office and appommodate me with some pushiony sofa in my pabin if your interrogation is over, Mr. Poopers." Heavens!

There is that ridiculous name again. I understand this girl has some difficulty in pronouncing 'k' sounds since I am smart but she is making my great family name into a solid excretion.

"I am the CEO here, you get it? And I am a Coopers and Coopers don't go around helping con artist like you. You are not a Coopers to hold such high position so you can help yourself get a chair from the storage room and sit beside the receptionist at the entrance." I told her pushing her out of my cabin and gave her a stinky eye.

I will not let this puny girl to be the Po... Co chairwoman of this company. Never

Heavens, twenty minutes with her and I'm already singing her tune.

"Alright then." She said and pulled out a branded phone which looked like a new one and fumbled over it for awhile finally figuring out how to call.

She cannot even handle a Smartphone!

"Damon, your grandson is not following your orders and kipped me out of his pabin also insulted me." She complained like a bratty kid but suddenly something changed in her eyes and they turned playful.

"It was opay if he insulted me Damon, I don't mind much, I pan bear whatever people pall me I'm used to it but it broke my heart when he talked rubbish about you." She sighed sadly while explaining but she freaking poked her tongue at me.

Hey hey hey... I did not say any such things.

Haww! Such a liar she is!

"I... I almost pried when he palled his grandpa a senseless backstabbing old man. Please Damon, please pall me bapp and I will ponti

nue my old job, I pan't stay here and hear him talp about you in such a way." She said adding a fake shiver in her tone.

Oh my my my, isn't she an artist! After Helen the great actress, I haven't seen such high level acting until now.

I pulled the phone away from her and threw a glare at her for spouting out nonsense to my family.

"You are going beyond limits, little girl. I can crush you with just a flick of my fingers. Do you even have any idea what I can do?" I threatened her after cutting the call. How dare she tattle tale to my grandpa about me?

And look at the incredulous part, he even believed it. He was yelling out curses at me when I snatched phone from her.

What is wrong with the people around me?

"But Mr. Poopers, you are going against Damon's orders." She exasperated devilishly which made me irritated again.

She called me that again?

"Stop calling me that. Mr. Poopers sound like I am a hard substance of excretion." I said pulling her back into my cabin by her arm.

I don't want people to know about this puny lady who was given power over me by my own power generator grandpa.

I need to either find a way to throw her out of this building or should do something which results in leaving herself.

What should I do?

"Then what do I pall you, now that we will be worping together for long time?" She said with a cheeky smile. She really thinks I am a toy she can play but he has no idea how dangerous I am.

It is only because I am a good and a kind person that I am tolerating her right now. Lucky girl!

"How about, Peenan?" She suggested to which I frowned.

"Sound like liquid excretion." Why did my family name me with 'k' sounds? The name I was proud of the whole twenty nine years is nothing but poop and pee to this senseless girl.

"How about you call me sir, since you cannot utter my name without cussing me?" I suggested. It will be good if she address me as sir, so that I can still keep my power in check before my employees after I had a talk with the old wolf again.

"Why would I pall you sir when your position is below me?" She answered tactfully which irked me. I am below no one!

I am the charming prince of English society! Girls fall for me just by looking at my handsome feet and this nurse girl is trying to step on me.

I scoffed at her innocence.

First, I should try control this girl. She seems to be a person who acts resistant to my charms but I know no girl can stop falling for me.

I am modern era prince charming who sweeps women in Ferrari and Phantom. SO my magic is hundred percent guaranteed to work on her.

I smiled slyly at the color girl and winked at her making a cheesy move towards her. If I could get her to heat up for me then I can coerce into leaving without much effort.

"How about, sweetheart?" I suggested winking. She was startled by my sudden change in the behavior and scowled deeply.

Girls die to call me with endearments so it is only natural for her to think sweetheart is too humble for sugarcane like me.

"You are a bitter melon at heart." She scrunched her nose at the suggestion.

Okay she is trying hard to get. Good. I love challenges.


"Never. More like a stinging bee."


"Dream on." She scoffed as if I just gave her a less handsome smile which is not possible.

"Then what do you what to call me because I hate if you keep calling me with improvised version of my names." I huffed and controlled myself not to punch her.

I do not hit girls but she is really testing my patience.

"I will call you Indigo?" The heck, you say?


Is that even a name?

"What the hell? Why the hell would you address with such a color name? Don't you have any other better names?" When I almost shouted at her for the absurd name she gave me, she grinned at me in triumph and walked out of the room for a minute only to bring a large something covered in a cloth.

What is this now?

She looked at me with a cheeky smile and pulled the cloth over the things and revealed a medium size cage full of... rats?

"Rats?" I shouted in disbelief. She bought rats to a work place?

"They are mice and these sips handsome mice are my brothers. This is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet." She named them in colors as well.

Wait a second... if there are six mice with rainbow colors and I am Indigo, then I am the seventh...

No no, this is not happening to me. She did not just... just...

"Say hello to your brothers Indigo, from today you are their family and they are yours. You will be bond brothers from today." F***ing Sh*t! She is mad.

I am brothers with those laboratory rats?

Good Lord!

Where is my fate leading me?


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