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Rainbow Bell Point of View

This is going beyond the limits of my patience. This person must have been my arphenemy(archenemy) in my previous life, otherwise how do you epplain(explain) the treatment he always gives me.

"Mr. Ponrad Bell(Conrad Bell), it's Thursday today so laundry is your duty. I pan(can) pompromise(compromise) on anything but not in doing laundry." I stomped my foot and huffed in epasperation(exasperation).

I prossed(crossed) my arms and raised an eyebrow looping(looking) at him challengingly, waiting for him to argue.

This man should learn to keep his promises. It's been twenty one years I was born to him and he barely fulfilled any promise given to me.

He said he'd pook(cook) a special pind(kind) of chicken dish when I was in sipth(sixth) grade for my birthday but guess what, he forgot the recipe. When my mother was teaching him how to mape(make) it years ago, he just romanced with her and so the result is he got suppessful(successful) in producing me but not the chicken dish.

"No I am your father so sometimes I get veto card to vote twice for you. You go do it. I better cook for us." He said and walked to pitchen(kitchen) God knows to make what.

"But... they like only when you plean(clean) their plothes(clothes)." I sighed and put on a puppy eyes hoping to effept(effect) him. But he being my father resisted my pute(cute) pout.

Is there any other way to get my word through him? I have been trying to get through him from twenty one years but I don't understand how he overtapes(overtakes) me.

"That is the part reason for not doing the laundry. They are yours so you do their stuff as well. They never did any good to me, if any; their naughty acts only embarrassed me several times." He said with ponviction(conviction) and began preparing breapfast(breakfast) for the day.

How pan(can) this man be my father?

How pan(can) he be so heartless to his own family?

They are still small and you pannot(cannot) eppept(except) them to be well behaved. Just bepause(because) they are naughty does not mean they are not the part of Bell family. We are Bells and it's implied that we make sound.

"Fine. But watch your bapk(back), I will get this even with you nept(next) time. Do not eppept(expect) mercy from me." I said and slung my back bag over my shoulders, walking towards my little Bell family to give them their breapfast(breakfast).

I opened the little door and placed a plate of cheese inside it and proudly watched my pute(cute) little white sips(six) mice eating their food.

It is such a serene feeling to watch your family eat their tummy full and smile at you in pontent(content). The little trembling of their whiskers is the proof that they are having a good morning meal.

Such a heartwarming sight it is!

"Dont worry Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet... what if your father cannot plean(clean) your plothes(clothes), you still have your sister. Be nice until I pome(come) bapp(back)." Waving them and little goodbye and pissing(kissing) each of its furry forehead, I walped(walked) out of my house to my worp(work) place in satisfaption(satisfaction).

If there was anyone who is able to understand me despite of my trouble in pronouncing certain sounds, then it is my little brothers and my father. They do not judge me or laugh at me lipe(like) others do. They just appept(accept) me how I am which I am very grateful of.

My little mice brothers are my everything... well, my father too but still my brothers are the best.

If only I have another brother then I will have rainbow brothers too.

Huh, I hope I meet a good guy to date and I wish he gifts me my seventh little brother. I know they are mischievous but they are a part of Bell family and Family have family's back always.

Oh God, please bless me with a good boyfriend who can turn my life from good to better and who pan(can) appept(accept) the whole Bell family as his.

"Rainbow... Rainbow Bell!!" I shrieked when I heard the animalisti(animalistic) voice growling my name.

"Mr. Poopers, what happened?" I hurried to my patient and chepped(checked) the old man's pulse.

He is not that weak or disable too now then I don't understand why I am still his nurse. Rich people do tape(take) pare(care) of themselves overly.

"Oh come on, Rainbow, I told you not to call me that several times. Call me Damon please. I don't want to be cussed by a young girl who i

sn't even one third of my age." I nodded at him and noted down the heart rate in the daily record before giving him his walping(walking) stipp(stick).

"Alright fine. I just forget sometimes and also a nurse palling(calling) an Eighty year old man with first name is rude." I pouted and followed him to his study room.

I chepped(checked) and compared his weeply(weekly) health reports and slightly changed the food schedules for him. Now that his sugar levels are not fluctuating much and in pontrol(control), I guess he pan(can) treat himself for a small sweet dish that he was asking from few weeks.

"Then better call me grandpa. Not that pooping name again." I didn't know he hated his surname so much. As far as I remember, Poopers are highly proud of their family name! Am I wrong?

Damon sat on his usual leather swirling chair and pointed the opposite chair to me to sit. He bent down over his chair and started writing something on a notepad while looking at me briefly.

Why did he being me to his study and got busy writing something? He usually doesn't allow anyone in his study room and today he led me inside himself.

Is he not satisfied with my job that he is thinking of relieving me?

But I did a pretty good job and I even introduced him my brothers many times and he seemed to like them so much which again, people usually don't.

"You are The P-Poo- poopers how pan(can) I pall(call) you grandpa? Anyway, why are we here Damon?" If looks could kill, then I would be killed every day from past eight months. He threw me a very irritated loop(look) that pould(could) send my living soul direptly(directly) to hell.

This man clearly doesn't like his surname. I heard Poopers are a big deal in the whole country but Damon seems to despise it.

"You asked for me father?" Mrs. Poopers, the only daughter-in-law of Damon, came inside closing the door softly.

I immediately stood up from my chair and bowed a little to her in respept(respect) to which she smiled and patted my bapp(back).

I really love this woman a lot. She is the sweetest person... rich person I ever met. Sometimes, I feel very luppy(lucky) for working for this household. Though Damon is many times very irritated with me, he does have a soft spot for me. I can see it with the way he always tells me to stay away from few people and he advice me about many things.

If I get a chance to pay bapp(back) the affection then I would definitely do anything for them.

"Yes, sit down Katherine." He said and Mrs. Poopers sat in the chair beside me. I uncomfortably spuirmed(squirmed) in my seat and nervously looked around the room.

Why am I seriously here with them? If this is some family issue, then I should not be here.

I suddenly feel something havoc rushing towards me. I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen to me and the pause(cause) of it possibly pan(can) be me partly.

"Uh, I think I should leave now. You family can carry on." I sheepishly got from chair but immediately dropped down in it back when I saw frustrated glare from Damon.

Alright alright I get it you don't have to kill me with your dragger old eyes. Now why am I here?

"I am going to do something big, Katherine. I want your word in it." Mrs. Poopers nodded and looked eppeptantly(expectantly) towards him. I pan(can) see Mrs Poopers narrow her eyes in question when she looked at the pombination(combination) of people in the room.

A important issue, an old man who is rich and owner of an Empire, his only daughter-in-law who is the wife of late Mr. Junior Poopers and mother of purrent(current) young Poopers; and a nurse of old man who is nowhere important in any issue.


"I got a way to control Keenan." He said with a very sly smile to which Mrs. Pooper's eyes sparkled lipe(like) stars lipe(like) she is so happy to hear what Damon said.


Isn't he Damon's grandson and Mrs. Poopers' son?

"And the tool that will have complete authority over your spoilt son will be Rainbow." He said making my eyes blow wide lipe(like) saucers. Is he talking about be being a human tool for something I puite(quite) don't understand without taking my permission?

"I am going to make Rainbow the Co-Chairman to the company and send her to work there making her the authoritative executive."


Wait a minute... w-what?


What the bloody hepp(heck)?!


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