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   Chapter 84 Servicing them

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3211

Updated: 2019-11-09 07:06

Ivy's p.o.v

I was preparing my bed in the palace when i saw a black arrow stuck with a piece of paper on the window, i sighed lowly knowing very well it was master who had sent me a note, i went to the window and got the arrow with the piece of paper and read.

'Distract all soldiers, leave all the doors open, make sure my brother stays in, tomorrow ambush'

I sighed again lowly, master was really something, i was so grateful that i was of use to him, but why were his request becoming tougher as time went by, master Hendrix picked me up from the streets when i had nothing, he gave me shelter and clothed me, he treated me like a father would, one day when he was looking for a spy to work for him i knew it was my chance to prove my worth to him, i volunteered to do the work, at first he disagreed and was very angry with me for suggesting, but after seeing that i was the only trusted person he could use, he sent me to the dukes palace and let me


"I'm sent by lord Edward to entertain and service you" i answered as i moved from one soldier to another filling their small cups with wine, when i was finished, i poured some wine in another cup and took it to Bill.

"I will only drink if you service me well" he said with a smirk as i smiled, it was a simple request to me.

"I will service you after i dance" i answered.

When i began to dance, i made sure i was exposing more skin and touching myself exotically, the men quickly drunk the wine enjoying the view, Bill was laughing softly while drinking too, one task was completed the next one was to open all the door.

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