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   Chapter 83 I want in

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2933

Updated: 2019-11-09 06:56

Rins p.o.v

I was feeling much calmer after crying, at first i was uncomfortable, the feelings i felt from snow were bad, i felt mostly her anger and sadness, i really wanted to go after her but rise kept me back, after a few days her feelings changed, now all i could feel was her joy and hope, somehow I felt happy because i knew it was either Chris and beth were doing all they could to keep her happy or she somehow knew that she was carrying our child.

"Rin snap out of it" Ethan called loudly.

I looked at him then at mother (the queen) who was sited next to me.

"Instead of waiting for the stupid old man to attack, why cant we attack him first?" Ethan asked.

"I'm still surprised that you really don't want my help, you know I'm the queen, one word from me and he could be put in a cell or have his head cut off" mother said as i and Ethan sighed lowly toget

rget how she was used by different men, I'm willing to help you if it mean that's the only way he would be able to pay for his sins" he answered.

"So what is your suggestion?" I asked.

"I know his palace from inside out, i also know his soldiers weaknesses very well, if we ambush them tomorrow, we will avoid innocent blood shed, I have a spy in that palace that can help us greatly, i will send her a massage, she will know what to do" he said as i looked at Ethan who nodded lowly.

"We will choose to trust in you, if you betray us, you will regret it" i said  seriously.

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