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   Chapter 81 Is she sick

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2660

Updated: 2019-11-07 18:06

Snow's p.o.v

After feeling much better, i got in the carriage with beth and lay my head on her laps, i was feeling dizzy and tired.

"How are you feeling" beth asked lowly.

"I'm much better" i answered.

"Snow you don't have to think much, don't you know that thinking also makes ones condition worsen?" She asked as i sat upright and looked at the sky through the window, the sky was clear and the blowing wind made everything seem nice and calm.

"Even if i want to, i can't just stop thinking about him, my mind wanders back to Rin on its own" i answered as i felt bile build up in my throat, i quickly lifted my hand and tried to keep it in.

"Chris stop the carriage now!" Beth screamed out loudly.

The carriage stopped moving, beth quickly opened the door and helped me step

you and the innocent birds" he answered with a smile.

I looked at them with a smile too, they really deserved to be very happy.

I was about to walk back to carriage when i felt my knees give out, i almost fell down when hands held my waist, i tried looking at who had caught me but my vision was becoming blurry.

"Snow whats wrong? Snow!" beth called loudly as i was lifted up quickly.

"Beth calm down please, you are scaring her" Chris yelled as i closed my eyes, the last thing i heard was beth screaming my name.

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