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   Chapter 76 Please give me a child

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2698

Updated: 2019-11-05 21:57

Hendrix p.o.v

I walked into the bedroom after talking to Patricia, i froze when i saw crystal sobbing lowly on my bed, i quickly moved closer and sat next to her, i pulled her on my laps and rubbed her back gently, her hands were trembling.

"Does it hurt any were?" I asked lowly with worry.

She faced me sadly, i lifted my hand and wiped her tears off.

"Crystal you will never ever go through such hell again, not while I'm still alive, i will protect you with my life, i promise" i whispered while i kissed her forehead.

"Hendrix" she called lowly as i widened my eyes in surprise.

I had never thought a day would come when crystal would call me by my first name.

"Yes crystal" i answered lowly as i held her hands in mine.

"You love me right?" She asked.

I smiled then squeezed h

you will calm you down and make you happy then i will do it" i said seriously.

She slowly took off her robe and looked at the bruises on her body sadly, as much as i wanted to hold her as she wanted, i couldn't, she was badly bruised.

I lifted her up in bridal style and went with her in the washroom, i got into the water with her.

"I won't hold you today, i will bath you then you will eat something and rest, if you get better i will give you a child i promise" i whispered as she lay her head on my chest and nodded sadly.

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