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   Chapter 73 Lovely wife

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2708

Updated: 2019-11-03 12:13

Rin's p.o.v

I looked at snow who was sited in front of me on the horse looking tired, we had been traveling for the past two days and luckily we were minutes away to reaching our destination, i felt bad that snow was so tired but i couldn't help it, i held her every night and in the afternoon i let rise take over, he too held her before he gave me back control, we really loved her and wanted to start a family of our own, for now i needed to prepare my men for the war that was about to take place, not that i couldn't manage to take down the duke and his men by myself, i just didn't want rise to take over, rise was very vicious when he became upset, his goal was to kill anything that stood in his way and i didn't like that.

When Chris knocked on my door that time and told me about the dukes plan i

k you, thank you for loving me" she whispered.

I put her down and laughed softly.

"Now my lovely wife i am really hungry, can I taste your cooking? I dearly miss it" i said as she laughed.

"Of course, let me go and prepare something nice for you" she said with a smile.

I watched her turn and walk into the bedroom, she came back with frowned eye brows as i laughed.

"The kitchen is the second door next to the bedroom" i said as she shyly went in the kitchen feeling embarrassed.

I really was lucky to have such a wife.

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