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   Chapter 72 I'm sorry

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2822

Updated: 2019-11-01 20:47

Crystal's p.o.v

I lay powerlessly at the corner of the cell with swollen eyes, my voice was horsy from all the begging i did, i was raped and hit day and night by different men for two days, i saw no hope to continue living i wanted to die.

The cell door opened and a man in a cloak entered, i tried moving away in fear but failed.

"No, please" i whispered.

He moved closer and lifted me up as i cried out, he went out of the cell with me.

He took a small road that i had never seen before, i cried loudly hoping someone could hear my cry.

Was i about to be killed? I asked myself quietly.

The man approached a black carriage and stood outside.

"My lord, i have managed to get her out of the cell" he said as the carriage door opened and lord Hendrix stepped out, he glared at the man that was carrying me angrily.


you, i even hired some ladies to entertain me for the night, but no matter how much i tried i couldn't get it up, my body and heart only yearned for you, i wanted you despite the pain you

Had put me through" he said as i touched his cheeks with my trembling hands.

"Even now i can feel their hands on my skin, please rewrite what they had done to me, only you can hold me" i said as he kissed my forehead.

"After you get back your health, i promise i will make you forget all the horrible things you had gone through" he said as i hugged him tightly.

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