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   Chapter 70 Carry our child (18+)

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3161

Updated: 2019-10-31 11:02

Warning ⚠ ⚠ : this chapter contains smut, read at your own risk (18+)

Rise p.o.v

Finally i was given full control, the only time Rin had let me take full control was when he was in danger, if not he kept me away and that was so unfair mostly because snow was my mate and wife too, i too wanted to spend some time with her alone, but mostly i wanted to breed her so she could carry our child and that thought was what scared Rin mostly.

When i opened my eyes she gasped i couldn't help but smile, Rin and i shared the same body but not the same eye colour, Rin's eyes were dark brown while mine were a blend of lavender.

Seeing her beautiful shocked expression this close was making me feel aroused.

"Mate" i called out with a smirk as she quickly cleared her throat.

"My name is snow" she said as i chuckled and held her hand in mine.

"Snow my wife, i know that very well, i know everything about you ever since the very first

held my pen*s in my hand, i positioned myself at her entrance, when i thrust into her all the way she screamed out in pleasure, i moved my hand to her stomach caressing her skin then shifted it to her core, i rubbed her clitoris as i thrust in her slowly while she moaned out, she gently moved her hand and put it on mine as i added a little pressure on rubbing her clitoris while picking up my pace.

"Aaahhh" she moaned out loudly feeding my own need to knot her quickly, i moved my hand from her core and gently grabbed her hair as i thrust in her quicker and firmer, the room was filled with loud moans, groans and grunts.

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