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   Chapter 69 I want to meet him

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3075

Updated: 2019-10-31 10:38

Rin's p.o.v

Half dragons could only shift into a full dragon after forming a bond with a master, he was weak on his own, his dragon acknowledged my own as its leader that's why he called out to me, i jumped in front of the prince trying to protect him when i was pierced on my shoulder by one of the men, it was so painful i thought i would die but then a voice in me told me to trust it and let it take over and so i did, that was my first transformation into my fire dragon and my second kill.

After killing them all, the crown Prince invited me to stay with him, i wanted to refuse but the dragon in him wanted its leader so i accepted his offer and went with him, the queen immediately took a liking to me and adopted me after hearing how i gave my life to protect the prince, she told me of her late lover who was the crowns prince biological father, he too was a shifter sadly he was killed and left behind a s

t, and I'm happy that you are my Rin, hopefully one day i would be able to meet rise" she said softly.

'I too want to hold her' rise said as i sighed lowly.

"He said he would love to meet and hold you too, his been dying to fully take over, all these days i had only given him partial control, i don't know what he might do if i give him full control' i said honestly as rise growled lowly in anger.

"It's okay, i married both of you didn't i? That means I'm his wife too, he has the right to hold me" she said as rise huffed proudly.

"Alright" i answered  as i closed my eyes and let him take over.

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