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   Chapter 67 Shame

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2907

Updated: 2019-10-31 10:20

Crystal's p.o.v

I walked in the street naked and in tears as the town men threw tomatoes and other disgusting things at me, many people were laughing and calling me names, the guards made sure i moved forward no matter what as one of them read out my bad deeds loudly.

"This woman here is crystal also known as the night butterfly, she's the leader of the night prostitutes, crystal married the duke with an aim of assassinating him, she later had an affair with the duke's enemy and got pregnant, she then heartlessly aborted the child and went on manipulating the duke to arrest lady snow her own blood sister as the traitor, crystal is no longer deemed as the dukes wife, she is to be reduced to a slave, he read as he went on to read the second scroll of my crimes, i wept silently in embarrassment.

When we passed the market place, i was taken back to the pa

ed her own blood sister dead, miss head wife I'm not here only to tell you about what will happen in the next two weeks, these new recruits behind me are virgins and it would be a shame if they died as one, they are here to taste how it feels to be a in a woman, you will surely help me wont you? seeing that my toy also had escaped" he said coldly as i shook my head.

"No! Stay away from me!" I screamed as they moved closer.

"Hold her down" bill commanded as the men held my legs and arms apart.

I cried while cursing the day i turned my back on my own blood sister.

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