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   Chapter 65 Punishment

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2934

Updated: 2019-10-30 14:01

Crystal's p.o.v

I was woken up by a loud knock on my door, i quickly sat upright and looked at ivy who was laying down on the floor.

"Ivy! Ivy!" I called out as she slowly woke up, she sat upright and looked at me surprised.

"What happened?" I asked loudly.

"I don't know, i was brushing your hair preparing you for lady snow's wedding when from no were there was smoke in here, we tried to go out but then i felt weaker, i was about to call you when you fainted on your bed shortly i too...

Her words were cut short when two guards broke down the door and entered, they held me by the hands and dragged me out of my bedroom.

"Let go of me, don't you know who i am? I'm the head wife of this palace!" I screamed as i struggled.

The servants looked at me like i was crazy, the guards reached the dukes door and knocked.

"Push her in and guard the door" the

i sniffed lowly.

"No" i answered sadly.

"Good, because you are a traitor to this house you are my deepest regret, guards!'" He called loudly as the two guards quickly walked in.

"I want you to strip crystal naked and tie her hands up, walk with her in the streets as one guard reads out her sins loudly for every one to hear, after that, lock her up in the cell, she's to be used by every guard who wants release" he commanded as i fell at his feet in tears begging for his forgiveness, the punishment would kill me, i cried and yelled as the guard took me out of his room.

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