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   Chapter 61 Allow me to take care of you

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2578

Updated: 2019-10-29 22:14

Rin's p.o.v

Snow looked at me quietly for a minute, i tried feeling what she was feeling, what her emotions were but i ended up failing, was she locking me out unknowingly.

'Why did you say it like that? I didn't tell you to say it frankly, Yes i want us to breed with her today but i also don't want our master to be scared of us and think of us badly' rise said in a low rumble.

Snow stood up and bowed then stood upright.

"i understand my lord, i will be very happy too if you could embrace me" she said as she went to the table and got the wine bottle then opened it, she poured the wine in each of the cups carefully.

I stood up and stepped besides her, she put the wine bottle on the table and smiled at me, i got one dumpling from the bowl and fed her

held her hand in mine.

"Let me service you my lord" she whispered lowly.

"This is your first time doing this, it is mine as well, you saved yourself for me, i too saved myself for you, you don't have to service me snow, you are my wife and i am your husband, today let me take of you, please do allow me" i whispered back as she stood up.

I smiled as i stood up and lifted her up, i put her on the bed as she lay down facing the roof, i knelt besides her and took off my outfit then looked at her body.

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