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   Chapter 60 Lets complete the wedding

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2828

Updated: 2019-10-29 21:54

Rin's p.o.v

She looked at me in shock, i felt her happiness, anger, sadness and hurt through the mark i had given her and left on her body, we were partially bonded through the mark, i mostly felt what she felt, the only thing left for us to fully bind us together was for us to mate, she lifted her finger and pointed at me then broke down crying as i embraced her tightly.

"You left me alone all these years, i was so lonely, i missed you a lot, i thought you had abandoned me, how could you do such a thing to me? How could you leave me like that? Was i that useless in your eyes? You said you loved me then yet again you left me without a word, i was put in a cell and mistreated, even hit just because i refused the duke for you, i did everything in my power to keep my purity, i kept myself for you! where the hell were you all this tim

the best way around any problem and he always kept calm but ever since laying his eyes on our mate and bond snow, he has become desperate and so unreasonable.

'At least lets hold her for the night, that way i will be at ease knowing we finally have our master in our arms' rise said loudly.

Rise has never requested anything from me, but right now he did and he really wanted to breed with his master.

"Snow i will tell you everything you want to know about me and why i left, but before that, i want us to complete our wedding night" i said seriously.

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