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   Chapter 59 Don't take advantage of me

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2759

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:59

Snow's p.o.v

When the couraige stopped, it was late at night, the door was opened as we stepped off the carriage, master Rin was standing next to Chris, in front of us was a small house.

"We will rest here for the night, then tomorrow we will continue our journey, snow you will go with master Rin while beth will stay with me" Chris said as i wanted to refuse.

Master Rin got my hand and went into the house with me and into the last room, when we entered i stood looking at the room which was lit with a dragon and phoenix candle, the wine was set on a small table with two cups tied together with a red string, i turned my gaze to the raw dumplings that were next to them, I couldn't help but fear.

"Don't be afraid, i wont do anything to you, when i told my friend that i was getting married he arranged all this

could have a small house then later a farm, i would gladly take care of the house and the farm while you would do any job you are comfortable with, if you want and permit me, i would bear you children maybe three or four, i would love and take care of them as i would do with you, i wouldn't care about what people would say about us as long as you forever love me and stay with me, wealth means nothing to me, seeing the people i love happy and content is all i ever live for even if they hurt me one day" he whispered as i looked at him in shock.

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