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   Chapter 58 Married to a stranger

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2963

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:56

Snow's p.o.v

"Where is the duke?" I whispered when we reached were the man stood.

"He won't be coming for now" a deeper voice that gave me chills answered.

I turned and faced the man who had answered me through my veil, i took in a deep breath then released it, the man was taller than me looking at him closely and his built was very attractive, his eyes were dark chocolate brown that made me relax just staring in them, he really was handsome and seemed familiar.

"Should we begin master Rin?" An elderly man in blue who was looking at us asked as i looked at him confused.

"Yes" the man answered as i looked at Chris who smiled and nodded.

The handsome man got one ring from the elderly man and held my right hand.

"Um .." I whispered when he put the ring around my finger.

"Lady snow its your turn to put the ring around master Rin's finger, please do the same

e  began to move.

"Beth i think i have married a stranger" i said lowly.

"His not a stranger, his master Rin, actually his the crowns prince best friend and right hand, Chris works for him" she said as i looked at her with frowned eyebrows.

"Why did he come all the way here? Why did he marry me? And where was crystal, the duke, the concubines or the wives?" I asked.

"They were drugged by master Rin's people, he wanted no one to disturb the wedding" she answered lowly.

"I don't understand" i said honestly.

"You will when he explains everything himself" she answered.

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