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   Chapter 57 Where is the duke

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2794

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:53

Snow's p.o.v

"Snow!! Snow!! Wake up!"

I turned and faced the other side annoyed by the loud voice.

"Have you forgotten today is your wedding day? The Duke will be here if you won't wake up" beth said loudly as i woke up and fell from the bed.

"The guests have already began to come, you have to dress up, the only reason the servant's haven't knocked down  the door yet is because you told the duke you wanted no servants to attend to you" she said as i quickly took off my robe and rushed in the wash room.

I quickly got in the pool and started bathing my body with perfume and oil tonic to relax and soften my skin.

"Take your time while I'm checking out the wedding robe" she said.

I ignored her and quickly bathed the tonic off from my body, today Wasn't my day of happiness, today was my day of sadness, looking

i looked at beth.

"Go i will be there soon" she said as i took Christopher's hand and walked with him to the throne room, when i walked in, most people were looking down, many guards were surrounding the huge room, i looked in front, an elderly man stood there, next to him was a tall man who was very well built with broad shoulders, his hair was medium black and a little curly, he was putting on a red changshan, the man stood with his back towards me, this was becoming weird.

"Where is the duke?" I whispered when we reached were the man stood.

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