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   Chapter 54 I will marry you

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2767

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:46

Snow's p.o.v

We walked in the throne room seriously, when the duke saw us he quickly stood up and approached us with a smile.

Men, its very funny how they forgot how they mistreated you upon seeing you are still looking pretty.

"Snow, i missed you a lot" he said as he lifted his hands.

He was about to embrace me when i looked at beth who winked at me, we quickly bowed together.

"Thanks for summoning us" we said together then stood upright.

The duke stood looking at us a bit confused.

"My lord I'm here because you summoned me" i said as he smiled.

"You still look beautiful" he said as he looked at Chris.

"As for you, i will bestow upon you ten tails of gold for taking good care of my future bride" he said as Chris bowed lowly.

"Snow, walk with me" he said as i smiled.

We walked side by s

s i smiled.

He dropped my hand then went away, i turned and faced beth.

"Why did you agree? He didn't say he would kill you if you dared to refuse him!" Beth yelled.

"Beth, i wanted to cut ties with crystal as my sister, but i kind of felt like i was disappointing my late mother, i wished there was something i could do for crystal before i could let her go and it seems like my wish came true, i will sacrifice my happiness for her life, this is the last stroll to letting her go with a light heart" i said honestly as beth sighed loudly.

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