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   Chapter 50 Head wife

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Updated: 2019-10-25 20:32

Crystal's p.o.v

After the wedding, many people left due to their busy schedule, even the prince.

I sat next to the duke as the wives sat on a big couch, the concubines stood with all of the servants in the throne room.

"I'm glad you are all gathered here, i have an announcement to make, you all know as of today crystal is my wife, i have also decided to make her the head wife" he said as gasps and murmurs went on in the room, lady cue angrily stood up.

"What do you mean Edward? I have always been the head wife, you can't be serious as to put a lady you have just married today as head" she said.

"Sister cue you wouldn't disobey your husband right? After all he is the man you love, Not only are you going against your husband words, you are embarrassing him in front of the servant's, if word was to come out of how you embarrassed your husband the

room, no one is allowed to come in, only crystal " he said as he stood up.

I too stood up and linked my hand to his, we slowly left the room and went into his bedroom, immediately the door was closed he began taking off his clothes.

"You take off your clothes and lie down" he instructed me as i nodded.

I hated it when he commanded me, i took off my robes and got on the bed then lay down, he finished disrobing himself and got on the bed on top of me.

"Time to get you pregnant" he whispered as i closed my eyes and waited for the horrible night to quickly end.

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