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   Chapter 48 Marry me

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2601

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:28

Crystal's p.o.v

My plan was going perfectly, i had all the wives favour and that was the most important thing i needed, having their approval was like partnering up with them, i knew all of their weaknesses, my goal was to get married to the duke as soon as possible and then talk him into making me the head wife.

'once i am made head wife, i know the other wives will try and threaten me, that's when i will use their weakness to my advantage, that way they will keep their mouth shut in fear' i said to myself silently.

I sat on my bed thinking of a way to speed things up with the duke, if only i could quickly get pregnant by him, it would be a bonus to his favour, unfortunately the fool loved releasing his seed outside.

The door opened and the duke entered, i

in the past months" i said as he kept quiet for a second then sat down on my bed.

"Tomorrow we will wed crystal, i will make you the head wife but you will have to make sure you keep all the women in check, i will quickly get you pregnant, when our child is born, i will send him far away for further studies, that way he will be fit to take over my succession" he said seriously as i ran in his arms.

"you won't regret your discission my lord, let me even take care of you" i said as he smiled then lay down.

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