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   Chapter 45 Lady cue

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Updated: 2019-10-25 20:23

Crystals p.o.v

I was so tired hearing how lady bri praised herself, she liked me a lot to the point of telling me how she hated all the dukes wives.

"I will convince the duke to marry you as soon as possible, i like you a lot better than those old hags" she said as i smiled.

"Whats there to worry about? Those hags could never outshine your beauty, not even i could" i said as she laughed softly.

"You are right, i have nothing to worry about, by the way i have decided, i will go to the duke right here right now and tell him to marry you, but only after i see my darling son" she said while i gave a slight bow.

She turned and left as i sighed lowly, this was really getting hard to deal with, i was up against a beauty with a great body, how on earth was i to survive? I needed some great ways to convince the duke.

I walked back to

smiled happily.

"Aww Edward is always so sweet to me, hey go and get some rest you must be tired right? tomorrow i will call for you, may i know your name and status in this palace?" She asked.

"I'm crystal, soon to be wedded to the duke, but after meeting you, i don't feel like marring the duke" i said as she laughed softly.

"Why not? you will be like my little sister in here, unlike those wealth thirsty youngsters who look at me like an old enemy, tomorrow i will call for you, you go and rest" she said as i bowed lowly then turned and walked away.

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