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   Chapter 44 Lady Bri

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Updated: 2019-10-25 20:21

Crystal's p.o.v

I went back to the palace feeling tired and sad, when i stepped into my room, i found ivy moving up and down.

"Ivy" i called lowly.

"My lady you are finally here, the lord was asking for you" she said as i glared at her.

"What did you say to him" i asked loudly.

"I told him you were resting due to having a very bad headache" she answered as i smiled.

Ivy was clever and for that i hated her, she was the type that could out smart me if she felt like it.

"Good, how about you go and tell the lord that I'm feeling much better" i said.

"Right away my lady" she answered as she walked out.

I striped off my clothes and pulled a beautiful pink silk robe from the wardrobe, luckily i had taken a bath a lot of times from the inn, i wore it carefully making sure it exposed most of my skin, i made my hair into a bun and applied a little make on my

a low class like you? You are totally worthless and ugly" she said as i angrily bite my tongue lightly.

"Wow, lady bri, i had heard from the town people how beautiful you are, but now i know they were leaving something out, you are really the most beautiful woman in this whole country, i respect you a lot, please always take care of me, I'm just a useless ugly girl to be compared to a goddess such as yourself" i said as she smiled happily.

"You said your name was crystal right?" She asked as i nodded.

"Walk with me" she said as i smiled.

It was very easy to impress her.

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