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   Chapter 43 He is taken,he is mine sis

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2840

Updated: 2019-10-25 20:21

Snow's p.o.v

"Sir can i have the other one?" The young guard asked excitedly.

Chris pulled back and looked at him with a cold glare that was so threatening, it scared me too, the young guard quickly dropped his gaze.

"Don't be angry chief, i will find my way out now, please enjoy both of them, i saw nothing" he said as he quickly ran out.

"Chief?" Beth asked as Chris smiled.

"Well yes, i was promoted to chief guard a year ago" he answered as beth touched his cheeks.

I turned uncomfortably and looked away.

"Beth, how about you take a bath with snow? I will be outside, take your time" he said as i heard footsteps.

I waited for some minutes, when i heard the door open then close i quickly turned and found beth looking at me with a smile.

"His gone snow, now take off your robes and get in" she said as i wasted no time

ake your cell and wait until the next day, what do you think?" I asked as she smiled happily.

"That's a great idea, its been so long since we spent some time alone, i missed him so much, i want to quickly become one with him by connecting with our bodies" she said as i shyly turned.

"You know? You are really frank, i like that" i whispered as she pat my head while laughing.

"I hate lies snow, that's why i always tell the truth" she answered.

I laughed loudly, it had been so long since i last laughed and smiled happily, beth was really good to me.

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