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   Chapter 39 We through

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Updated: 2019-10-21 07:58

Crystal's p.o.v

I slowly opened my eyes and came face to face with lord Hendrix, i quickly sat upright ignoring the slight pain i felt in my stomach, lord Hendrix sat on the bed next to me while job stood, my heart beat wildly in fear as i looked at job then lord Hendrix, seeing the angry expression he had on his face i was so sure he knew about the abortion.

"I have spies, just like i found out you were in my brothers palace, i also knew you were in here, i thought you came back here to sleep around like you did but you really proved me wrong, job did the maid finish burning the bloody sheets?" He asked loudly.

"Yes my lord and i have paid her to keep her mouth shut" he answered.

"Good, now leave us" he commanded.

Job looked at me sadly then walked out, lord Hendrix stood up and moved away giving me his back, i stood up quickly then moved clos

pregnant i was so over joyed, the joy i had never felt before, then he told me you got raid of it, i felt like my heart was ripped apart, i want you to know crystal the only reason why i haven't killed you yet is because i was really in love with you and i respected you a lot, next time we meet i can't promise not to kill you, may you be happy with my brother" he whispered as tears rolled on his cheeks.

I watched him walk out of the room sadly as i lowly wept, i really loved lord Hendrix too but i couldn't be with him, i was comfortable were i was with or without him.

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