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   Chapter 36 Help me

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Updated: 2019-10-20 06:03

Crystal's p.o.v

"Well you are not sick" he said as i smiled in relief.

"You are just pregnant" he said as my smile faded.

"I'm what?!" I screamed out.

"Pregnant" he answered seriously.

"You are joking right!" I yelled.

"No I'm not, i don't joke when it comes to such things, aren't you suppose to be happy that you are carrying the dukes child?" He asked as i stood up angrily.

This was bad, really bad, i only had sex with the duke once and he released outside, it was definitely that time when i had sex with lord Hendrix, i was very happy and satisfied with him that i forgot to tell him to release  outside, i was so stupid i didn't drink my herb juice that i bought from job, he told me that i should always take one cup of that herb juice every time before i had sex, the herb

do it, i will stay here for the night, thank you" i said happily.

He got a small bottle with purple liquid form his bag and handed it to me.

"Take it all at once right now" he instructed.

I quickly opened the bottle and drunk the bitter liquid in one gaol.

"You will have to lay down, we have a very long night, you are lucky your pregnancy was just a few weeks old, the medicine will quickly start working" he said.

I climbed on the bed and lay down facing him.

"You really owe me, big time" he said as i nodded.

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