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   Chapter 34 Anger,fear and hate.

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2664

Updated: 2019-10-19 10:14

Snow's p.o.v

The physical pain i was feeling was nothing compared to the emotional pain i felt when Crystal abandoned me.

"Bill, bill, stop it, you will kill her, don't you want her for yourself? stop hitting her please" beth screamed loudly.

He angrily stepped away as i coughed, i felt the taste of blood in my mouth, my chest, stomach and head were paining badly, one of my eyes was swollen, i could only see using one eye.

"I only stopped for the sake of beth, next time i come back in here i expect to hear a good answer from you, i really don't mind killing you, if i can't have you no one can, and if you were to die, no one would remember an orphaned prostitute such as yourself, you are all alone in here, your own blood sister hates you, she's living the life while you are her

t him, anything was possible, my mind was filled with anger, fear and hate.

"You were suppose to protect me, was my love a one sided love? I wish i wasn't in love with you, maybe i would have been happy with the duke, it hurts so much to love you and yet not seeing you feels worse, I'm just a fool for you" i cried out loudly.

"Hey who are you talking to? Is someone there with you? I'm getting worried, talk to me" she said loudly.

"Leave me alone, i just want to be left alone" i screamed out as my heart ached badly.

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