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   Chapter 31 Knowing the wives

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2816

Updated: 2019-10-16 09:05

Crystal's p.o.v

"The duke has four wives and six concubines" she answered.

"Good, who is the first, second, third and fourth wife? And why did he marry each one of them? Whats their strength and weakness?" I asked lazily.

"The first wife and lady of the house is called lady cue, she's 45 years old, she is from the royal house of the prince, she's is the princes cousin, the duke married her because of status, by then the duke was just a humble lord who was a laughing stock by many, despite having a good background he was useless in almost everything he did, he then later met lady cue, then lady cue was disobedient to her parents, but when she met the duke she changed for him being that she was in love with him, the duke saw this as a chance to gain status, he quickly married her in the name of fake love, the prince bestowed t

e last daughter of retired general hawl, the duke married her because she is the most beautiful lady and her father is known to be the richest, so he married her for riches, her strength lies in her high self esteem her weakness is her only son.

Lady cui has three sons and one daughter, the eldest son went away to study more about the royal duties, the second and third sons are still here they are notorious with ladies and wine the last child, her daughter is so prideful and she loves gossiping you should be careful around her" she warned as i smiled

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