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   Chapter 29 Lonely

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Updated: 2019-10-15 08:07

Snow's p.o.v

I was woken up by the sound of the cell door opening in the middle of the night, a guard entered with a bucket and looked at me.

"You know you should thank me? Firstly i didn't drag you the whole way like a traitor, and i begged the lord to keep you and your sister alive, do you know why i did that?" He asked.

"No" i whispered.

"Because i liked you from the first time i set my sight on you, it truly would have been a waste to kill such a beautiful lady as yourself" he said.

I moved backwards slowly.

"I'm grateful for your help but i can't return your feeling's, my heart already belongs to another man" i answered honestly.

He moved closer as i moved backwards until my back hit the wall.

"It will belong to me, it will only take a few days to persuade you, in no time you will come to love and accept me" he said as he grabbed my clothes.

"What are you doing!!! Leg go of me!!" I s

no use, the forth week he began raping me every night, i lost all will to fight so i later accepted him, ever since that day i have been treated kindly, he gives me food, water and new clothes in exchange of my body, bill is known for having no mercy, whenever he asks the lord for a prisoner's pardon, the duke listens to him because he trusts him a lot and he knows bill rarely shows interest in any woman, listen to me, my story might not change your mind but do think about it, are you willing to have him do the same to you as he did to me?" She asked.

I closed my eyes wanting nothing to do with anything.

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