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   Chapter 26 Traitor

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2578

Updated: 2019-10-13 07:56

Snows p.o.v

I shouldn't be surprised, but i really was in shock, my own blood sister rejected me in front of the duke and went on to call me a traitor, i felt like crying but somehow i was relived, so this was the real crystal, were did i go wrong? I raised her as a good girl, i strived for us, how could she throw away everything in just a second.

"And i want to tell you this my lord, i discovered recently that snow had a dragon, she stole it from some rich people and hid it away from me and everyone, when i threatened her about me telling everyone she helped it escape" she said.

I angrily folded my hands in a fist, i was furious with her, was she always this evil, this in front of me wasn't my sister this was a wicked lady i never knew.

"Snow is she

he fourth, one guard removed the keys which was hooked on his armor around his waist and unlocked the cell then i was pushed in, i fell on the ground face first, the pain was lesser than what i had expected, i sat upright and watched them lock the cell, when they went away i allowed myself to cry and sob miserably, i was really hurting, why was i born unlucky i always lost people i loved, was i a bad karma in my previous life that the heavens decided to punish me in this life, i really wished i wasn't born.

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