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   Chapter 22 Better left unspoken

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3227

Updated: 2019-10-08 09:29

Snow's p.o.v

I couldn't keep it in, i felt tears form in my eyes, i tried to push them away but i couldn't, i lowly sobbed.

I felt a kiss on my shoulders as my sobs got louder.

"Hey don't cry, I'm here, i was wondering if you were awake the whole time, i really missed you that's why i came to see you" he said lowly as i put my hand on his and held it tightly.

"Its alright" he whispered while kissing my head.

I slowly turned and faced him, i cursed the night for having no moon, i couldn't see his face at all, all i could feel was his hard masculine chest which was pressed on mine.

I wiped off my tears then laughed softly, i stopped when i felt his soft lips placed on the corner of my lips.

"Always laugh like this, it really suits you" he said as i lifted my hands and placed them on both sides of his cheeks.

"I was waiting for you, day by day, never have i ever doubted you, i believed and trusted in you, i knew you would come back a

ce between us, my lips touched his softly yet in a rough way, he slowly deepened the kiss as i opened my mouth allowing his tongue to brush mine giving me a satisfying chill which turned into a shiver that went around my body.

This was the moment i was suppose to be filled with joy but i felt sad and more lonely than i had ever felt, a tear rolled on my cheek.

I pulled back with a heart ache, i knew my dream was just a dream, deep down i knew he wouldn't take me with him, i was the only one that wanted to go with him desperately, i turned and faced the other side as i closed my eyes.

Some dreams were better left unspoken of.

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