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   Chapter 21 Thoughts

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3057

Updated: 2019-10-08 09:09

Snow's p.o.v

"Its all right now, don't think about it, you are safe" i whispered.

Crystal closed her eyes and faced the other side.

I slowly walked out angrily, i couldn't believe my own little sister was lying to me, if there was something i had learnt in my past was reading people's body language, looking at the servant who was failing to keep eye contact with me i knew she was telling a lie, although crystal might had kept her act convincing I'm sure she made the lie, crystal went out somewhere and on her way back she must have met the servant girl or begged her to lie on her behalf, my intentions were simple, if this was her trick all i had to do was act dumb, i would be the dumb snow and watch her every move and with time i would know what she really was hiding.

I went to my room and sat down on the bed with a thousand thoughts on my mind, was i not treating crystal as she would love? Ma


I felt like crying at the same time relived.

I wanted to turn and look at him, to caress his face and touch him, i wanted to make sure he was okay and real but the other side of me knew to well if i did he would leave right away without a second thought.

I closed my eyes and silently wished on the stars to let him hold me the whole night, i missed him from the bottom of my heart every second i spent with him was a gift that i would forever cherish.

"I love you" he whispered.

I couldn't keep it in, i felt tears form in my eyes, i tried to push them away but i couldn't i lowly sobbed.

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