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   Chapter 17 Market place

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Updated: 2019-10-02 11:56

Snow's p.o.v

I woke up early feeling sad for some reason, it has been a week since i dreamt of the man i loved, i dearly missed him with my whole heart, i went to the market place regularly with hope of bumping into him, sadly i never did, i was so sad and mostly unhappy.

I walked out of my bedroom and went to the living room, crystal sat admiring the silk dress with a smile.

What was wrong with her? Every time she woke up she quickly took a bath and sat down admiring the dress, if she really loved it why wasn't she putting it on.

"Morning" i whispered.

She turned happily and looked at me.

"Morning, sister you are right on time, today I'm going with you at the market place" she said.

"Why?" I asked lowly.

"Ever since that bad saddening encounter last year i have been worrying about you, i know you will brush me off with your normal I'm fine reply" she said while she put the silk dress down and stood up.

"Snow, please let me go with you just for today, i wont be at ease unless i see how safe the surrounding are for you, we only have each other remember?" She said as i sighed lowly feeling defeated.

I pulled her in a quick hug.

"You really are an angel" i whispered.


answer you, sorry dear I don't have any work that i need assistance with" he answered.

"Thank you" i answered then walked away.

I saw crystal talking to one of duke Edwards servant.

"Crystal?" I called out.

The servant quickly bowed and went away, crystal turned and looked at me.

"I met duke Edwards servant, she was buying some oil for the lord and she needed my opinion" she said as i nodded.

"Shall we go back?" She asked.

"You go back, i will stay and look for work if you don't mind" i answered.

"Be safe sister, the market place can look peaceful for now but don't forget its not as peaceful as it seems, always take care" crystal whispered.

I smiled and gently pat her head.

"I will, you take care too" i answered.

She turned and went away, i also turned and went my way

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