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   Chapter 16 Adore her in jewelry

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3420

Updated: 2019-10-02 11:53

Snows p.o.v

I ate my food while waiting for crystal to come back home, but she didn't, when i went out to ask the servants they said nothing, its so strange that they were standing outside when it was getting this late, the sun was setting and it was getting dark, was the duke with crystal  or did he leave his servants behind?

I was about to go in the house when crystal appeared with the duke, she came from the stream walking happily besides the man.

When she saw me she waved happily, i waved back with a smile, i waited as they got closer.

"Sister did you eat?" She asked with a smile.

My little sister was very much caring, she mostly thought of me.

"Yes i did, the food was so delicious, you will one day make a great wife, my lord i thought you had left" I said shifting my gaze to him.

"No i went for a walk with crystal, she told me of how you rejected my gifts" he answered.

I stepped backwards fearing i could get hit again.

"I'm sorry" i whispered lowly.

"Well that's not a big deal

y i took long, its just that it took time to convince the duke to go back with his gifts, and I'm so sorry i accepted his gifts, i thought he would get angry if i had rejected his gifts, if you want tomorrow we can go together to the market and sell them all" she said as i pat her head gently.

"No, its not your fault, you did good to accept them, they look so good on you, keep them don't sell them, now go and eat something, I'm sure you are starving" i said as she nodded.

"Thanks snow, i love you" she said while walking to the kitchen.

"Love you too" i answered.

My little sister was now growing up she looked so pretty in pearls, i thought happily with a smile.

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