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   Chapter 15 Please me (18+)

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3645

Updated: 2019-09-22 23:26

Warning ⚠ : 18+ this chapter contains smut, read at your own risk.

Crystal p.o.v

The Duke gazed at me with lust filled in his eyes.

"My lord could you please stand?" I asked as he looked at me confused.

"Don't worry my lord, i will still entertain you today" i said as he he slowly stood up, i too did.

This old man sure had strength to do other things like pinning me down, i got his hand and quickly went with him in the Forrest that was near the stream.

One thing snow foolishly believed was that i was a virgin, she was so dumb, i had slept with many men for money, jewelry and more, that time she found me in the market being dragged by the hair, by that man, it was so easy to convince her i was innocent, the truth was that i was looking for some money, so i went secretly looking for some men who were willing to pay me to sleep with them, that foolish man was so infatuated by my body, he quickly gave me the money that i wanted.

We agreed to have sex but i later lost interest in him, not only was he a gossip man, he usually loved to hit woman while having sex a

ch yourself" he said loudly.

I lifted my hands and squeezed my breast seductively.

"Good girl" he groaned as he quickened his pace.

"My lord am i pleasing you" i moaned out while squeezing my breast harder.

He knelt down between my legs, closed his eyes and groaned loudly as he released his seed on my thigh.

I laughed at him inwardly, this old fool was quick to realise, i wasn't even half way through, i was at the beginning of feeling good.

He stood up with a satisfied smile and picked up his clothes.

"You are beautiful my crystal, i might consider you for a wife if you keep on pleasing me like this" he said as i smiled.

Men were so easy and weak to sex, now i had him were i wanted him to be.

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