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   Chapter 14 Who are you to resist me

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Updated: 2019-09-22 22:43

Crystal p.o.v

I looked at the duke who was seriously talking to his servants then the silk the servants held, i happily moved closer admiring the silk, they would fit perfectly on my body.

"Wow, duke Edward you really have a great choice in choosing silk, these are the most beautiful and finest silk i have ever set my eyes on" i exclaimed happily.

The old fool laughed happily.

"Of course i do, my choice is always perfect, show her the jewelry and perfume" he ordered.

One of the servant quickly opened a small box she was holding in her hands, i looked at the pure white pearl earrings that were in it, i only saw such pure pearls on dutches and rich respected ladies.

"Can i try them on?" I asked quickly.

The lord looked at me with an angry expression.

"Why would i allow you to be the first one to try them on? These were chosen for my wife to be and that's snow" he answered coldly.

"Duke Edward, please walk with me" i said linking my hand to his.

He slowly looked at the house then at me and nodded, i slowly walked with him towards the stream, i wasn't happy with the way he acted and answered me, was he trying to embarrass me in front of his servants.

"My lord, I'm sorry for wanting to try on such pearls, but to tell you the truth, snow asked me to reject them on her behalf, she felt that the gifts would bind her to you by force, I tried talking to her but she yelled at me" i said as he stood still.

"Nonsense" he answered.

"If you don't believe me, you can ask her yourself, on the other hand if they were gifted to me, i swear i would never reject them, after all they were chosen personally by the most strongest and handsome man i have ever set my eyes on, and that is

you my lord" i said softly.

"Well i will think about it" he answered.

Gosh, why were my words not getting to him? I needed to use other method's.

"That's great, do think about it my lord" i said as i stumbled purposely and fell on top of him.

Ouch, he yelled out loud when he fell down.

"I'm sorry my lord, i was careless with my steps, i might have hurt myself a bit" i whispered.

He looked at me seriously.

"The one whose injured here is me, you fell on top of me, so whats with this nonsense of being hurt?" He asked loudly.

It was high time to shut this old fool up, i took his hands and placed them on each of my breast, the Duke smiled happily mostly pleased by my actions, he roughly squeezed them as i cried out falsely.

"My lord be gentle with me, I'm really hurting" i whispered as he laughed softly.

"Sorry my dear, you truly are hurt, i wish i could have caught you immediately before you fell down" he said while squeezing them gently.

Hum, all men were the same, no man was able to resist my body, who did he think he was to resist me?

I tried to stand when i was pushed down, the old man got on top of me, he lay between my legs with a wide smile.

"My dear crystal, i really I'm sorry, i know you have a fragile body, i should be more gentler with you" he said as i smiled falsely.

"My lord, i really would love to have those gifts you bought for snow" i said as he laughed.

"I'm a wealthy man my dear, those gifts are little gifts which are beneath your beauty, a lady like you deserves status and much more expensive gifts than those" he said as i smiled.

"My lord, allow me to entertain you right now" i said as he smiled happily.

This was going to be fun.

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