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   Chapter 13 The act

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4100

Updated: 2019-09-22 11:32

Crystal's p.o.v

I still remember it all when my so called mother passed away, i didn't cry much, i mean why would i? Its not like she truly loved me, snow was the only princess worthy in her eyes, she even made snow promise her to always look after me.

Every time i look at snow i see our mothers face, how annoying it is, Yes my health is poor and i hate staying alone, but I'm still prettier than snow.

I know how duke Edward loves snow and it really upsets me a lot, i mean I'm more pleasing than her, i have a curvy figure, desirable breast and a beautiful face, many men have desired me, sadly none of them was or is worthy of me, the man i want is duke Edward.

Everyone knows that the duke is an old, fat, bad hearted man, but that has never bothered me, i really don't care about it, all i care about is his status and money, i would be a blind fool not to want a luxurious life, my fool of a sister is the blind one, at first i thought i could convince her to marry the old man but i underestimated her views, no matter how hard i tried to convince her she always gave me the same answer and that's a no, i was getting tired of playing the innocent sister, if she wasn't going to do as i wanted, then i was goi

o follow when snow stood up.

"What's wrong with you today? You are acting so disrespectful, is it because of what i did earlier in my room? I'm sorry i hurt you but you made me angry, lets stop this stupid act already, i don't want to accept the dukes gifts okay" she said seriously.

How stupid and naive was she? All i saw in her was a rival.

"Sure sister, I'm sorry too for ordering you around, i just thought i was doing what was best for you, i sadly must have made a mistake" i answered with a deep sigh, she moved closer and held my hand.

"This is the crystal i raised" she whispered as i smiled.

"Let me go and tell the duke that we won't be accepting his gifts, you go in the kitchen and eat something okay" i said as she nodded.

I went outside with a smirk, it was to easy to deal with her

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