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   Chapter 12 Teaching her some manners

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Updated: 2019-09-20 11:49

Snow's p.o.v

I moved closer with a smile, i already dealt with crystal he was next.

I was about to yell at him when crystal called from behind.

"There you are, i was wondering why you took long to come out" the duke said with a smile.

Crystal moved closer and gave a quick bow.

"My dear you don't look well, rather you look pale, are you okay?" He asked as crystal smiled.

"I feel more than honoured to have a man like you worry about me, thank you my lord, I'm okay i just burnt my hand while i was preparing your food, my lord won't you grace our house with your presence?" She asked as i looked at her with a cold gaze.

Didn't she have enough pain? i should have maybe hit her hard, right now she was angering me.

"Of course, crystal you have grown quiet a lot, you could make a great bride for my first born son"  he answered as crystal laughed lowly.

"Sorry my lord, I'm only attracted to older mature men, young men are truly a pain to handle, they lack in most things" she answered.

The duke moved closer and got her hand.

"How about you walk with me in the house and tell me about what they lack" he said in a whisper as crystal giggled annoyingly.

"Of course" she answered.

I looked at the two who walked in the house while chatting, completely ignoring my presence, as much as i wanted to leave crystal with the lord alone and go to the market, i couldn't, she was still my little sister despite everything.

I looked at the ladies who were still gazing at the ground.

"You know you can look up, the lord is no longer here" i said simply.

"We dare not, our punishment will be too heavy" one answered.

I looked at them with frowned brows.

"What do you mean? Does he hit you?" I asked as they kept quiet.

"I understand that you cant tell me, i just hope in the near future you could warm up to me as a friend okay" i said.

I turned and went back in the house, the giggles were louder and annoying, i walked in the living room and looked at crystal in shock, she sat on duke Edwards laps while he playfully touched her body.

When she saw me she stood up.

"Sister shall we serve the food for my lord?" She


My hands were itching to give her a beating, i smiled and sat down next to the lord.

"Of course though am certain you meant you serve us right? As the youngest you don't expect your elders to stand up and do your bidding, your tongue must have slipped right?" I asked as she faked a smile.

"Snow you are so mature that's why i love you, you will not only bring me happiness, you will help around with the court, you are so knowledgeable, crystal you should learn from her you know" he said looking at me happily.

This old pig, wasn't he on Crystal's side a while ago? Touching her all over in our house with no ounce of respect.

"I'm sorry my lord if i sounded disrespectful, its just a slip of my tongue, i usually do everything myself, i also cook and serve alone, i know its disrespectful to order my elders around, forgive me sister" she said with a bow.

I was now beginning to understand my sister, her fake apology wasn't going to get to me easily, she needed to learn some manners.

"If i were to forgive you just like that without being punished i will seem as if I'm spoiling you in front of our lord you know, right my duke? Don't you think she deserves a punishment?" I asked softly looking at the duke who laughed lowly.

"My snow, you are going to be my wife soon, you are right, she deserves a punishment, choose one for her" he answered as i smiled.

As expected, the old man loved to punish people, wanting to please me he would even go as far as hitting crystal.

"My dear sister, you won't have any food or sip of water the whole day, i will watch you every step you take, and if you are to disobey me, the lord is always here, i will wait for his return and tell him about your disobedience, my lord am i too hard on her?" I asked softly.

"No, you are actually to soft on her, she deserves to be stroked and wiped a thousand times for her disrespect" he answered.

I looked at crystal who still had her fake smile on her face.

"Why are you still here? Move!!" I yelled.

She lowly bowed and walked away.

This wasn't that bad, i will hold my ground until she comes to understand all i do is for her own good

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