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   Chapter 11 crystal's side i never knew

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5257

Updated: 2019-09-19 21:41

Snow's p.o.v

I walked to the stream feeling lazy, for some reason crystal was very happy today, She cooked the rice while humming a tune mother used to love, i looked around to make sure i was alone and not followed, the stream was no longer safe anymore.

I striped my clothes and removed my sandals, i really needed a cold bath to relax my body and mind, i slowly moved in the water and dived in feeling happy with the feel of coldness on my body, i stood upright with a smile, i used to bath with rin most times, its all thanks to him i got much better at swimming.

I was about to dive in again when i felt it, the feeling of being watched by someone, i quickly looked around but saw no one, i was about to get out of the water when crystal appeared from afar, she waved happily, i lazily waved back, i dived in again trying to think of a reason that had made crystal this happy.

"Hey snow are you not done yet?" She asked loudly, i stood upright and faced the other side ignoring her question, her loud gasp had me turning quickly to face her.

She pointed a finger at me with her mouth wide open, i quickly turned and looked behind fearing she was pointing at something dangerous, I saw nothing, i looked at her annoyed.

"You know that i hate it when you scare me like that" i said seriously.

"You have a dragon tattoo on your back!!" She screamed, i quickly tried looking at my back, i could only see the blank ink not much of the tattoo.

"Are you sure?!" I asked in shock.

"Yes!! Where did you get it!!! You know tattoos are mostly common on pro

at you still know I'm the eldest, I'm your big sister, you don't speak for me and you will never do, let this be the last time you try and order me around, right now I'm not going to entertain that old fool, I'm going to the market, when i come back i should find you in your right mind little sister" i spat as she looked at me with tears.

"Snow I'm sorry i have angered you, I'm sorry" she cried, i gently touched her cheeks and smirked.

"Your tears no longer move me little sis" i said as i dropped my hand and walked out.

I came out of the house and found duke Edward standing outside his carriage, two Ladies stood next to him with their gaze fixed at the ground.

"My lovely bride, you look so beautiful today, allow me to adore you and dress you up in the most fine silk ever" he said as the two ladies went in the carriage and came back with different silk dresses.

"Were is the jewelry and perfume? Get them out too" he ordered as one lady went back.

I moved closer with a smile, i already dealt with crystal he was next.

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