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   Chapter 9 Letting go

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6251

Updated: 2019-09-17 08:30

Snow's p.o.v

Ever since that dream, i have never dreamt about him, the past one year was pure sadness to me, i cried for him and longed for him, crystal saw how sad i was, she tried cheering me up, sadly it was never the same, Rin had now grown into a medium dragon i had never expected, he became huge and taller, about 71.1 inches, we were best of friends, i took him almost everyday in the woods for a walk, i knew no one could see him, i ate together with him and slept with him in my arms everyday though it was mostly impossible, it's more like he covered me with his wing, he became a huge part of me, i really loved him, he was family not a pet.

I sat outside looking at Rin who was flying around happily, he recently learnt how to fly and breath fire like a volcano, he was so helpful in terms of helping us catch fish.

I stood up quickly when i heard a loud rumble roar, which i was so sure came from a very big dragon, Rin flew and landed next to me, i was afraid someone might have seen him.

"Rin go in the house now" i said looking at him in fear.

He flapped his wings twice, which i taught him as no.

"Please"i begged.

He flapped his wings once then flew in.

Crystal came out worried.

"Whats the matter? Rin flew in and forced me to come outside, its like he wants me to see what.....

Crystals words were cut short when a large big dragon landed near us, we covered our faces avoiding the dust that rose.

"Shou..ld we run?" Crystal asked while coughing.

I looked at duke Edward who stepped down from the dragons back with a smile, he was accompanied by two strange looking men, who were both covered in cloaks, their body and mouths were hidden under the clothes they had on, it sadly reminded me of him.

"Welcome duke Edward" crystal bowed lowly.

I bowed and stood upright.

"I'm here to take you for a ride my futur

h tears rolling on my cheeks.

He moved away from me and flew outside, he turned and looked at me.

"I love you" i whispered as he flew away.

I fell to the ground weakly crying my eyes out.

I was weak then and now, i thought i couldn't hurt losing someone now but i was wrong, right now i was hurting a lot.

Rin was my family, Rin was part of my memories and happiness.

"Snow" crystal called while running towards me, she knelt in front of me.

"Whats wrong? Did someone hurt you? But it cant be the Lord right? Lord Edward dropped me off near the market he had some urgent matters to attend to, did he come here? Tell me please i'm worried" she said lowly, i hugged her and cried loudly.

"I chased Rin, i sent him away, his all alone, his obviously scared in the Forest, Crystal i'm a horrible person, i'm sure he hates me" i sobbed.

"Snow you aren't, you did all this for his safety, we both know that duke Edward will be back soon, and if he did find Rin, he would have killed him or sold him else where, what you did was all for him, i too loved him and i'm sure he knows that, so instead of crying, be happy, you saved his life" she said lowly.

"I hope he survives the dangers of our land" i whispered as i sobbed.

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