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   Chapter 7 The bad encounter

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Snow's p.o.v

I woke up with a bright smile and stretched myself happily, i looked at my body and found i was covered in my blanket, i rarely used it mostly out of not being used to covering up at night, did crystal cover me? I knew she wasn't that upset with me.

I looked at Rin who was asleep  quietly, i lowered myself and kissed his head, he purred in his sleep.

He was so cute, this was our daily routine i always woke him up with a kiss, he opened his eyes and purred lowly.

I laughed lowly.

"You know you are so cute but my man is more handsome.. I think, although i haven't seen his face clearly, hey Guess what? Yesternight i was with him, it felt so real, i was very happy, its a dream i would love to always have" i said as Rin flapped his wings.

I stood up ignoring the soft purling that came from Rin, well his seen me naked a thousand times i was so used by Now, i took the clothes i put on the chair and wore them.

"Guess i will change into my clean clothes after i take a bath, right now let's go and wake crystal up" i said.

Rin quickly got down, i walked out of my room and went into crystals.

The bed was nicely made, a note was there, i quickly picked it up and read.


I'm still mad at you for slapping me, sadly I'm not as stupid as you to stay in a house which has hunger, i have gone to the market to look for work, continue to spoil your stupid pet, don't look for me.


I stood up and looked at Rin seriously, i was the worst sister ever, i caused this to happen, how could i have not seen this coming.

"Rin, i have to go after crystal, she's to fragile and weak, she can't defend herself properly, its all my fault, if anything were to happen to her i couldn't live with myself, please stay here, i beg you, don't follow me please" i said softly as Rin lay on the floor and stared at me.

"Thank you" I said while i ran outside, i looked behind to make sure Rin wasn't following, luckily he wasn't.

I quickly went to the market, i looked behind multiple times, i couldn't help but feel as if someone was following me.

I reached the market place and ignored the stares many gave me, i looked ahead and saw a crowd of people ahead, a man was yelling, i quickly moved closer and pushed through when i reached in front i froze looking at the scene in front of me, crystal was held by her hair, she sat on the ground crying, her clothes were nearly ripped off of her body, the man that grabbed her hair was laughing loudly.

"This prostitute is sure bold, she was moving stand by stand begging men to sleep with her, i took interest in her and paid her money, she agreed but later changed her mind, she's not only a prostitute but also a thief" he said loudly as the crowd murmured insults at her.

"What a shameless girl, do as you please with her" one woman said loudly as everyone agreed.

"His lying, i did no such thing, i was walking on my own when he grabbed me and threatened me to sleep with him, please believe me" she pleaded.

"Who would believe a prostitute over a decent man?" Another wom

e kiss, i lifted my hand and placed it on his chest, he gently led the kiss as i followed his lead.

He slowly pulled back then kissed my head.

"I love you" he whispered then dropped my hand, i felt him move, his footsteps were moving away, i quickly untied the clothe and looked around, he was no were to be seen.

"Please don't leave me!!!! Please!!!" I screamed looking around, the dead body wasn't were i saw it, i quickly went back with forming tears, i found crystal sobbing alone on the ground.

I quickly went to her and hugged her.

"Snow I'm sorry, I'm sorry, i wish i could have listened to you, i got you in trouble, you could have been dead, its all my fault, I'm sorry, i will never do this again, i will never repeat my mistake" she cried as i held her tighter.

"I'm sorry too" i whispered lowly.

She pulled back and swallowed hard.

"Did that ma..n did he?" She asked sadly.

"No, he was about to do it when a man in a cloak helped me, what of you? Did that man ran away?" I asked lowly.

"Yes, the same man who helped you helped me, he kicked the rapist before he could have his way with me, he helped me snow, that bustard rapist ran away in fear" she said lowly.

I stood up and helped her up.

"Whoever he is, we are really in his debt" she whispered as we walked home.

"You need a quick bath okay" i said as crystal nodded.

When we reached we found Rin outside, i smiled at him.

"You sure are a good dragon Rin, I'm glad you didn't follow me" i said while walking in the house and went in crystals room, i helped her lay down.

"Let me go and look for something to eat" i said while rubbing her back.

"No!! Please don't" she whispered sadly.

"Alright i won't, have some rest, i will be in the kitchen okay" i said as i stood up and went out.

I went in the living room and sat on a chair, i finally let the tears i had been holding back fall, i silently wept, not only was i scared, i was almost raped, both of us, Rin moved closer and flew on my Lap's, i held him closer as i calmed down.

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