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   Chapter 5 Finally home

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Updated: 2019-09-16 13:26

Snow's p.o.v

I quickly walked into the house and went to my room.

I put the dragon on my bed and pat its head lightly, i had no time to dress up, all i wanted was to know if scarlet was home and safe.

"Stay here okay? I will be back in a minute, and please don't go anywhere" i whispered as it purred, i couldn't help but smile, i moved my hand away and went outside to look for crystal.

I ignored the negative thoughts that came in my mind.

I heard low sobs coming behind the house i quickly called out in fear.


The sobs immediately stopped, I heard footsteps approach, i prepared myself mentally for anything that would come.

Crystal appeared with tears on her cheeks, she looked at me then sobbed.

She ran to me and hugged me as she sobbed loudly, I hugged her back tightly as I fought the forming tears.

"Snow, I thought I had lost you too, i was so scared and lonely, i couldn't sleep the whole night please never leave me behind again" she said as tears rolled on my cheeks, i hated seeing my sister this sad.

"I promise you this crystal, this is the last time I will ever do something like that, i only wanted to help a young injured lion cub when i was chased by the whole female pride i think, i ran for my life and hid in a cave i found, i waited for them to go away but sadly it took the whole night, i was so sad and worried about you" i said while patting her back gently.

She pulled back and wiped off her tears.

"So why the hell didn't you say this sooner?"!!!

I laughed lowly when she yelled.

"I'm sorry, I got lost...but there is something I would like you to see"  i said while wiping my tears off.

"Like what? It better be good" she spat while wiping off her tears, i laughed lowly, she was back to her usual self.

I got her hand and went with her in my room, when we entered crystal gasped loudly looking at the little dragon which was flapping its wings proudly, Crystal looked at it shocked.

"Where did

you get it?did you steal!!?" She screamed on top of her lungs, i looked at her annoyed, did she just say steal? She knew i hated stealing and being a thief.

"Really crystal? Do you think i could steal it just because we are poor? it hatched from an egg, it was in a cave I slept in, it took great courage for me to hold and lift it up, more over take it with me" i said loudly with emphasis.

"Really?can I hold him? She asked excitedly, i nodded slowly.

"Sure" i answered.

Crystal moved closer, she was about to touch it when it showed its sharp teeth, crystal immediately retreated her hand.

"snow, I don't think he likes me" she said sadly.

"He? Did you just say he?" I asked looking at her.

"Yes its a male can't you see between the legs" she pointed out.

I looked at it then smiled, it was a he.

"Have you named him yet?" She asked.

"Not yet crystal, I actually don't even know what he will eat" i answered honestly.

"Don't worry I got it covered" crystal said as she turned and went out of the room, I sat down on the bed looking at the dragon.

"Come here"

I said without thinking, to my surprise it moved closer and got on my laps.

I was shocked for a whole minute, its as if it understood me, There was no way it did right?

Maybe it was pure luck.

"Get off my lap"

I said softly as it slowly came off.

I pointed at it with my mouth agape, "Get back on my laps" i quickly said.

It quickly did.

"Oh my Gosh, you can really understand me" i touched my chest in shock.

I quickly moved it from my lap and stood up.

"Okay, so i'm going to choose a name for you, if you like it flap your wings okay? I just hope I'm not going insane, um ....Don?"

It stood looking at me silently.

"Um...dragon?.....what of Rin?"

It quickly flapped it's wings, I gently picked it up and laughed softly.

"Then Rin it is" i said happily

I gently placed a kiss on its head, I was so happy to even realize what I had just done.

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