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   Chapter 4 Baby dragon

Rise My Dragon Shifter By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5098

Updated: 2019-09-16 13:14

Snow's p.o.v

A purring sound woke me up from my sleep, I rubbed my eyes while sitting upright, my face was wet, i knew it, it was a nightmare, i slowly wiped off my tears.

I heard light noises in the cave, I quickly dropped my hand and looked at the dark far end, The sun was rising though the sun light wasn't showing the far end of the cave, A shiver of fear went all over me, Was there a snake? Or maybe a bear?

No that's impossible, if there was a snake or bear in here I would have been dead by now I thought, whatever is in this cave, its either none threatening or deadly.

I sighed lowly and cleared my throat.

"Um I know this is the wiredest and the most stupid thing I have ever done but....whoever you are ...please come into the light I'm getting scared" i said loudly.

I was getting crazy, I told myself silently as I laughed lowly, how could I talk to nothing, moreover myself.

I froze when I saw a figure come into the light, I couldn't believe it, were my eyes playing tricks on me or not, I was gazing at a small dragon, i quickly pinched my arm.

"Ah, its painful" i whispered as i ignored the pain.

I smiled looking at the dragon, I stood up and moved closer, its scaly skin was dark green With a little gold and blue, I sat in front of it when I remembered peoples words, dragons were dangerous creatures if they wanted to be, i moved backward in fear.

I watched as it slowly moved closer and crawled on my laps, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, i lifted my trembling hand and carefully brushed its head, the moment my skin touched its scales I felt a warm feeling all over my body, i closed my eyes for a minute, when i opened them the little dragon was staring at me, I pat its head feeling the spikes and scales, this was amazing i loved the feel of it, i carefully looked at it admiring the beautiful colors it had and the way they blended together.

"You are beautiful" i whispered lowly.

A purr came from it as it moved it's head meeting my strokes.

'it is small it would fit perfectly in my hands I thought.

"Hey, i'm snow" I whispered as it leaned in my touch and purred lowly, I smiled happily as I lifted it up and stood up.

I gently put it on my chest and smiled when it flipped its wings.

"How long have you been in here? Do you have a master or an owner? If i was to take you with me would it be okay?" I asked ignoring the sad feeling that was forming in my heart.

I was feeling wired.

"I don't know how to explain what I feel, I feel different emotions swe

ll inside me, its like i'm attached to you, when i actually don't even know you or your owner" i said then remembered it all.

"the crack sound I heard last night must have been you, you were hatching right? You are a baby dragon? Where are your parents?" I asked lowly.

It rubbed its head on my hand as if it agreed or was trying to  communicate.

"Well i'm glad it was you, I was so scared, I thought I was about to be eaten, i'm so glad it was only you, crystal would freak out if she saw you" i gasped remembering crystal.

"I have to go back, crystal is all alone obviously worried sick and crying" i said as i quickly put it down.

"I'm sorry but i have to go and sadly i can't take you with me" i whispered when a loud whimper came from it.

I looked at the end of the cave that showed cracked shells then at it.

"Fine, i will take you with me" i said.

I lifted it up and put it on my shoulder, it balanced itself and flapped it's wings.

I carefully climbed down the cave, all i could think of was crystal is all alone home probably worried sick and sad.

It took me half an hour to make it on the ground, i looked at the forest in fear, what if I was attacked again, would i manage to out run them? My feet were tired and a little sore, i got the dragon and held it tightly on my chest then i began running, I ran without looking back or stopping at all, i only hoped I took the right way, I ran for nearly an hour when I saw the small path that lead home and the stream, I happily smiled and ran to the stream.

I gently put the dragon down and stripped off my clothes, no one came at this stream, only crystal did, i looked at the dragon and smiled.

"If it's you here i don't mind being naked, I'm going to take a quick bath" i said as i happily ran in water, luckily the water wasn't that deep, i wasn't much of a swimmer, i took water in both of my hands and poured on my body as i laughed, this was a nice feeling.

A sound of cracked branches came from the side road, i quickly came out of the water and picked up my clothes.

I looked at the dragon while i dressed up.

"We need to hide now" i said.

I quickly got the dragon and ran to the nearest tree i saw, i hid behind while holding my breath.

"Shit! She's not here, i thought you said she was here!" A mans voice yelled angrily.

"I'm sorry, next time i will make sure she's right here" a female answered.

I heard footsteps move, the sound  lessened, i peeped and saw no one, i quickly took this chance to go, i quickly ran home.

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